The export potential of drinking and mineral water in Russia is growing

The export potential of drinking and mineral water in Russia is growing

In the beverage trade in Russia, there are practically no products that do not meet the standards and norms of the law.

Rospotrebnadzor, in its research for the first 6 months of 2021, found out that the share of goods with detected violations is only 1.9% of all products on the market.

The beverage industry is controlled by various mechanisms and supervisory authorities, in particular, a special Water quality monitoring System. Therefore, illegal trafficking of counterfeit and non-conforming products is effectively suppressed.

The market situation at the moment seems to be quite stable, but some negative dynamics are still observed, and it is primarily related to the coronavirus pandemic. The main consequence is a decrease in production volumes.

One of the effective solutions may be to enter foreign markets, increase the volume of water supplies abroad. The volume of packaged water exports from Russia in 2018 amounted to just over 108 million liters. Most of all were sent to Belarus — 37 million liters. A year later, an increase in the total export volume of Russia to 120 million liters was recorded.

Mineral and fresh water is in demand abroad, as it contains a lot of salts and minerals necessary for the human body.

Even such an exotic country as Jordan appears in the lists of buyers, which buys the products of the CJSC Visma plant from Karachev of the Circassian Republic called drinking bottled water Arkhyz 19 liters extracted in the mountains of the North Caucasus in the village of Arkhyz of the same name. Also, one of the leaders of the export market is bottled water “Santalovsky source”.

The main sales areas with the potential to increase export volumes are the countries of the post-Soviet space, Southeast Asia, the Persian Gulf, Africa, the EU, China and India.

Interestingly, the People’s Republic of China as a whole accounts for 25% of the consumption of all bottled water in the world. So far, the share of imports of imported products is not very large here, but it shows a growing trend – it has grown 2.6 times over the last five years.

Russia supplies only about 0.5% of all goods imported to China in the category of soft drinks and waters. However, from 2016 to 2018, the export of mineral water to the Celestial Empire showed an almost twofold increase: 4.5 thousand tons → 7.6 thousand tons. Similar indicators are characteristic of natural waters and artificially mineralized: 2.8 thousand tons → 5.8 thousand tons

Domestic manufacturers have good prospects for offering high-quality products with unique properties and advantages. In order to strengthen the export potential in this category of goods, an important step is the introduction of a program to improve logistics schemes and branding of products from Russia.

The categories of medicinal and therapeutic table waters have received increased demand in our country and the countries of the post-Soviet space, while the Chinese consumer is not yet sufficiently aware of the functional values of such water.

The state should contribute to the development of the export potential of Russian products by ensuring coordinated technical regulation, establishing contacts with foreign trade networks and large dealers, increasing the competitiveness of Russian production. Experts consider a particularly important measure to be the rejection of tightened control on the market of drinking products, the rejection of digital labeling in particular.

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The media found out how the salary of Russians will change due to non-working days in November

The media found out how the salary of Russians will change due to non-working days in November

Due to the introduction of days off from October 30 to November 7, a change in the wages of working citizens is expected in our country.

In Russia, wages will change due to the introduction of additional non-working days from October 30 to November 7, 2021.

During these days, employees will be on vacation, but they will receive their wages in full.

However, according to lawyer Andrey Andreev, this will affect only employees of state institutions.

It is noteworthy that for some employees during this period, on the contrary, the salary may increase.

The lawyer noted that those who go to work during the announced non-working days will receive a salary in their usual amount.

“However, the employer, at its discretion, will be able to pay such employees in double the amount. We also expect demand from applicants for various formats of part-time work, ”, – quotes lawyer Life.

He noted that employees of hybrid or remote work format can get the most at this time.

Among them are employees of IT, telecom, accounting, advertising, consulting and a number of other areas.

Also at this time, the demand for couriers, movers, packers, representatives of the restaurant business for catering “takeaway ” will grow.

Earlier, topNews wrote about. that Putin declared non-working days from October 30 to November 7, 2021.

This decision was made due to the increase in the incidence of coronavirus.


Media: Ukraine may delay the launch of Nord Stream-2 for two months

Media: Ukraine may delay the launch of Nord Stream-2 for two months

The source called it possible for Naftogaz to join the certification of the gas pipeline.

The media, citing sources in Brussels, report that Ukraine is able to delay the certification period, and, consequently, the launch of the Russian-German gas pipeline Nord Stream-3 for another two months.

According to TASS, according to an insider in the EU institutions in Belgium, the Ukrainian side may get a chance to join Naftogaz of Ukraine to the certification of the project by the EU Commission.

Technically, this is feasible, the expert confirmed. However, for this reason, the process can take two months.

The insider said that the commission may request the opinion of states interested in the project as part of preparing an opinion on the decision of the German side on the certification of the facility.

Naftogaz of Ukraine can also be included in the process, he clarified.

Recall, as Topnews wrote earlier, the media announced Russia’s conditions for increasing gas supplies to Europe, calling the launch of the gas pipeline the main one.


“Has Putin’s money been found?”: Deripaska reacted to the FBI searches of his homes in the United States

 Has Putin's money been found?»: Deripaska reacted to the FBI searches of his homes in the USA

The businessman explained why Trump won the presidency.

A day after the house searches in Washington, Oleg Deripaska himself reacted to the situation.

The businessman left an emotional post with swearing on his Telegram channel. At the same time, Deripaska was accused by FBI agents of theft.

Deripaska was outraged that Americans were spinning a tale about the “colossal role of Russians” in the US presidential election in 2016.

According to him, Trump, “of course, did not win by himself.” In his opinion, the electorate was so tired that it was ready to vote at least for a character from the opera – if only not Clinton.

The oligarch noted that Americans were brought up on Hollywood films about terrible Russians. Meanwhile, the US debt is $30 trillion, at which time China and Taiwan will turn the Pacific Ocean into a “Chinese inland body of water.”

Also, the United States has lost nuclear technology in the global energy sector, and Europe no longer wants to freeze because of NATO’s horror stories that “the Russians will come,” Deripaska writes.

The oligarch said that the Russian Federation stands for a single space from Lisbon to Vladivostok, but for now the “show of absurdity” continues.

“I would like to ask: was Putin’s money found yesterday in these abandoned houses?”, Deripaska clarified at the end.

The businessman also said that jam and a couple of bottles of vodka were stolen from his storerooms.

“P.S. I’m tired of the asshole unfunny…” – concluded Deripaska.

As Topnews wrote earlier, Oleg Deripaska’s representative said that the police searched buildings in New York and Washington.

But they did not belong to the entrepreneur, but to his relatives.


Bloomberg: Russia puts forward EU conditions for gas supply growth

Bloomberg: Russia puts forward EU conditions for gas supply growth

An insider of the publication reported details about the launch of the Nord Stream-2.

Russia links the growth of gas supplies to Europe amid the acute crisis of natural gas in the EU with the launch of the Russian-German gas pipeline Nord Stream -2.

According to Bloomberg, citing a source in Gazprom and the Kremlin, Moscow intends to exchange the launch of the project for an increase in gas supplies.

According to insiders, otherwise it is hardly possible to expect an increase in the volume of fuel sent for export.

If according to “SP-2” there will be “clear guarantees ” that the project will be given the green light.

But even in the case of a positive decision for Russia, additional volumes will reach Europe, bypassing Ukraine, the publication reports.

Recall that the completion of the construction of Sevpotok-2 became known on September 10.

As stated by the President of the Russian Federation during the “Russian Energy Week”, administrative barriers prevent the rapid launch of the project.

Vladimir Putin explained that an increase in supplies could reduce tensions in the European gas market and affect the rising prices, but this is possible after the launch of the project.

As Topnews wrote earlier, the Czech Republic named the main culprits of the gas crisis in the EU.


The media called the reason for the searches in the houses associated with Deripaska

The media called the reason for the searches in the houses associated with Deripaska

NYT points to US sanctions that the Russian billionaire could have violated.

The New York Times, citing its sources, states that the reason for searches in the homes of Russian entrepreneur and billionaire Oleg Deripaska may be violations of US sanctions, which are being investigated by the FBI.

In turn, Bloomberg knows that last year European officials convinced the US authorities of Deripaska’s violation of the terms of the agreement concluded with Washington. According to him, part of the Russian’s companies were withdrawn from sanctions. But officials said that the influence of the Russian on the companies UC Rusal and EN+ Group International remained.

In addition, the billionaire, bypassing the agreements, used their resources to support the Kremlin’s political agenda.

To this, En+ and UC Rusal objected that the media data did not have a factual basis.

The New York Times clarifies that, in addition to the FBI, representatives of the Federal Prosecutor’s Office of the Southern District of New York joined the searches, but the department declined official comments.

And the FBI’s state department said only about conducting searches, but did not specify their reason.

As Topnews wrote earlier, on the eve it became known that the FBI is conducting searches in a mansion in Washington owned by an entrepreneur.

However, ABC News, citing its sources in the bureau, said that there were no accusations against the Russian.

Recall that searches are also carried out in the homes of the entrepreneur’s relatives.

“No charges have been brought against Deripaska”, – the American TV channel reports.

Later, a representative of Deripaska himself commented on what was happening to RIA “News ”. She clarified that the buildings searched by the police in Washington and New York do not belong to a businessman, but to his relatives and are carried out on the basis of warrants that are related to US sanctions.

She also previously told Forbes about the connection between sanctions and searches in buildings.

As for Deripaska’s agreements with the US authorities, they relate to sanctions that were imposed in 2018 against several of his companies.

At the same time, he was able to agree with the US Ministry of Finance that restrictive measures would be lifted from three companies, namely the En+ energy metallurgical group, the UC Rusal aluminum company and the Eurosibenergo energy company.

In response, the entrepreneur relinquished his control, and Deripaska’s share in them was reduced. At the moment, the Russian himself does not have the right to enter the United States.

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It became known how much Buzova, Ivleeva, Borodina and other stars earn per month on Instagram

It became known how much Buzova, Ivleeva, Borodin and other stars earn per month on Instagram

On average, the earnings of famous people are 5-10 million rubles.

The Russian company “Medialogia ” announced the amount of earnings in the social networks of the main Russian stars. According to her, the top richest celebrities with the highest income on Instagram is headed by the wife of musician Dzhigan Oksana Samoilova.

According to the media company, she can receive about 10 million rubles a month from stories and Instagram posts.

No less in demand are other moms, such as Ida Galich (7 million followers), Ksenia Sobchak (8.6 million). More subscribers than Samoilova (14.6), TV presenter Ksenia Borodina (17.6 million). However, the musician’s wife is more actively involved in advertising.

In an interview with “KP”, marketer Vladimir Kryukov shared the secrets of earning stars. He said that the price of one post on Instagram can reach 1.5 million rubles, starting from 100,000 for bloggers with a number of subscribers from 1 million.

The largest sums are paid by large companies for advertising that is not directly related to the life of a star. The increase in cost also occurs when using a video format taken specifically for the promotion of the product.

For top celebrities, the post may cost much more, it all depends on how many real people track the stories and posts of the star.


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Publication by Samoylova Oxana ( @samoylovaoxana)

According to the expert, the advertising market in social networks is growing, and the funds that were supposed to go to pay for events are being given to online advertising due to the coronavirus, getting into the pocket of bloggers. The price of posts has decreased slightly recently, the expert notes. But bloggers manage to collect the usual amounts of its quantity.

“It’s too early to talk about the final figures of the blogger market growth in 2021… According to data for 2020, the total budget of the blogger market on Instagram amounted to 7 billion rubles, ”, – Kryukov explained.

If we talk about the real prices of the stars, then the top ten most “advertising ” celebrities included Olga Buzova (23 million subscribers), Nastya Ivleeva (18 million), Ksenia Borodina, Oksana Samoilova, Vera Brezhnev (12 million), Polina Gagarina (8.5 million), Ksenia Sobchak, Ida Galich.


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Publication by Ksenia Borodin (@ borodylia)

They can advertise at a low price of 300 thousand rubles per post, but the reason for such loyalty lies in discounts for regular advertisers, barter and other reasons.

On average, the publication price ranges from 600,000 to 800,000 rubles, Kryukov explained, adding that the stars will stir about ten such posts a month.


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A post by Ksenia Sobchak (@xenia_sobchak)

The second echelon demonstrates other rates. So, Laysan Utyasheva, Ekaterina Varnava, Anna Khilkevich, Kristina Asmus, David Manukyan and other artists can receive from 300,000 to half a million rubles per post for advertising.

Ticktockers also receive their funds, which are used to earn not only royalties, but also the promotion of music tracks, links and ambassadorship.

According to Kryukov, if a blogger has no more than 400 thousand subscribers, the price of the post is 3,000 – 15,000 rubles. Millionaires, with 1-4 million users, already receive 30,000 – 90,000, and those who managed to win an audience of 4 – 8 million receive 90,000 – 300,000 rubles.

The most expensive contracts are for those who have become celebrities, having managed to light up outside the social network, on TV and YouTube. Their price tag starts from half a million to 10 million stars.

The leaders are Olga Buzova (7.8 million subscribers), Danya Milokhin (15.2), Dina Saeva (24 million),  Valya Carnival (20.5 million), Yulia Gavrilina (14.4 million), Anya Pokrov (14.1 million).

As Topnews wrote earlier, it became known from where Dzhigan took 35 million for a car for his wife, Oksana Samoilova. Recall that he gave her a Rolls-Royce.


The Czech Republic named the culprits of the gas crisis in the EU

The Czech Republic named the perpetrators of the gas crisis in the EU

Europe is facing two threats before the onset of winter.

According to Czech journalist Vladimir Piskacek, representatives of the European Commission have become very distant from people.

The result of this situation was the energy crisis allowed by the EU authorities.

Piskachek said that before the start of winter, Europe risks freezing due to lack of fuel and not finding the means to pay for it.

According to the publicist, this situation has not developed at all because of the cessation of supplies.

“Gas from Russia, apparently, comes as agreed, and no terrorist attacks have also occurred, ”, – he notes.

The journalist emphasizes that now the United States is refocusing on the supply of liquefied natural gas to the more expensive Asian market, and this plays a big role in the actions of the European Commission.

He pointed to the “chaotic approach” of European officials, which is veiled under the fight against climate change.

As a result, according to him, Europe will have to face the choice of paying for food or for heat. At the same time, Piskachek doubts that surcharges to consumers can improve the situation.

He accused officials in Europe of insolvency and pointed out the need to build green energy facilities.

Recall that in recent months, gas prices have skyrocketed in Europe.

Earlier, topNews wrote that Putin’s words brought down gas prices in the world.

The President of Russia declared his readiness to influence the prices of natural gas.


Political scientist: Europe “shot itself in the foot”, enriching Russia by $ 50 billion

Political scientist: Europe

According to the expert, the current situation in the European gas market is beneficial to Russia.

According to political analyst Dmitry Abzalov, linking gas prices from Russia to the spot market allows our country to receive $50 billion rubles in two years.

He is sure that the current situation with gas on the European market is more beneficial to Russia than ever.

The political scientist noted that the price of the resource in Gazprom’s contracts is usually tied to the spot exchange, so the cost of fuel reacts to the spot correction.

By mid-2022, as Abzalov expects, Russia’s Gazprom will supply natural gas to Europe at prices that will be close to the current value on the stock exchange of more than $1,000 per thousand cubic meters.

Thus, Russia will receive a huge amount of $50 billion in the budget.

“We will get the same high prices next summer… “, – he said, noting that the main revenues to the budget go through a customs duty tied to the price.

He has no doubt that high gas prices in Europe will remain at least until April 2022 due to the shortage of natural gas, which will increase.

“Gas demand will increase. There will be no more resource”, – the expert has no doubt.

According to him, Europe itself “shot itself in the foot” because it demanded to link contracts to the spot market and achieved this.

Earlier, topNews wrote that Poland opposed the Nord Stream.

However, the expert also noted that Europe “shot itself in the foot”.


“Europe shot itself in the foot”: Poland unexpectedly enriched Russia by opposing the Nord Stream – expert

“Europe shot itself in the foot”: Poland unexpectedly enriched Russia by opposing “Nord Stream” expert

Experts commented on the imminent launch of a new gas pipeline.

According to Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak, the new Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline is almost ready for launch.

A high-ranking official announced a fully completed gas pipeline, in which work is underway to start, adjust and fill with gas.

According to him, the system will be ready for launch in the coming days, and the operator Nord Stream 2 AG, together with partners from Europe, has already carried out the necessary work, including certification of the gas pipeline.

Then the situation will depend on the permission of the German regulator.

Against this background, political scientist Dmitry Abzalov on the air of the show “Time will Tell ” said that in Europe they could not even imagine what the support of the claim of PGNiG (Poland) against Gazprom in arbitration in Stockholm would lead to.

The expert calls what happened a mistake, because of which there was an energy crisis in Europe that enriched Russia.

Now, as Abzalov reads, the situation on the European gas market is beneficial to Russia, and in the next couple of years the price of natural gas will linger at around $1,000 per 1,000 cubic meters.

“Only due to such a high gas price, the Russian budget will receive an additional… about $50 million”, – he is sure.

The political scientist stressed that the gas shortage will increase, so the prices for natural gas will not fall until at least April next year, and Nord Stream-2 may reduce tariffs.

Abzalov stressed that Europe, by supporting Poland, literally shot itself in the foot due to the fact that it achieved the binding of gas supplies to spot prices.

If the contract is renegotiated, Gazprom will be able to demand multibillion-dollar compensation, which will also be beneficial to Russia.

Earlier, topNews wrote that the first line of the new gas pipeline began to fill with gas. The news dramatically affected gas prices in Europe.

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