Wildberries started selling packages, angering employees

Wildberries started selling packages, angering employees

The cost of packages reaches 15 rubles.

Russians were outraged by the innovations of Wildberries: since February 13, packages have become paid at delivery points.

Customers will be able to purchase packages for the amount from 6 to 15 rubles. The money will be debited from their cards.

Wildberries warned about the innovations in advance. They referred to a decrease in the use of plastic.

At the same time, the points of issue of orders face a fine of 10 thousand rubles for “for each identified case” when there will be no packages.

“If we cared about nature, we should abandon plastic bags altogether, preferably everywhere. So that people have no choice but to carry their reusable bags. And so the usual navar”

“Valberis impoverished, even on packages to earn”

“We will wash and dry those that we bought earlier,” the Russians reacted.

The Telegram channel SHOT reports that the packages have to be purchased by the owners of the order pick-up points.

Wildberries takes part of the funds for itself from each package.

It takes 600 rubles a day to purchase packages.

“Of these, the company compensates ridiculous amounts: from 30 to 130 rubles. Moreover, it also takes half of the proceeds for packages resold to ordinary buyers. And if they suddenly end at the point, then the employee will be fined,” the journalists found out.

As Topnews wrote earlier, Wildberries outraged customers by deciding to take money for the return of goods with a marriage.

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В Латвии хотят лишить гражданства олигарха и коллекционера Петра Авена

В Латвии хотят лишить гражданства олигарха и коллекционера Петра Авена

Бизнесмену принадлежит крупнейшая в стране коллекция русского искусства.

Источники западных СМИ сообщают о возможном лишении гражданства Латвии российского олигарха Петра Авена. Бывший глава совета директоров Альфа-банка, экс-член Семибанкирщины попал под проверку спецслужб Латвии.

Об этом пишет агентство Bloomberg, ссылаясь на советника главы МВД Латвии Андреса Вайварса.

Источник, который близок к миллиардеру, подтвердил, что проверка продолжается давно.

Спецслужбы определяют, законно ли он получил латвийский паспорт.

Сам же Авен спокоен: он уверен, что гражданства Латвии его не лишат.

В это же время бывший министр юстиции Латвии Янис Борданс требует от властей не затягивать вопрос с лишением Авена гражданства.

Петр Авен в 2016 году получил гражданство Латвии. Установлено было и доказано, что миллиардер имеет латышские корни.

В 2012 году россиянина наградили орденом «Трех звезд», высшей госнаградой страны, но спустя 10 лет награды лишили. Ему же принадлежит крупнейшая в Латвии коллекция русского искусства.

В прошлом году в Латвии был дополнен закон, по которому гражданство страны можно забрать у людей, которые поддерживают другие государства, создающим угрозу демократическим государствам.

Как писал ранее Topnews, стало известно, почему миллиардер Роман Абрамович участвовал в российско-украинских переговорах в Турции.

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Media: big business in Russia did not discount the “gift” to Putin

Mass media: big business in Russia did not discount a

The authorities “planned to please” the president already in early spring.

It became known about the implementation of the project with voluntary contributions to the budget of Russia from the business community. According to the media, entrepreneurs refused to make such contributions, which have already been called a “gift” for Vladimir Putin in the media.

In an interview with RBC, Alexander Shokhin, head of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP), said that companies in Russia had been discussing the idea proposed by Finance Minister Anton Siluanov for two months.

According to the expert, it will be unrealistic to implement the idea in a business environment in 2022-2023. For some business sectors in Russia, the MET rate has already been increased.

The expert also called as obstacles to voluntary contributions to the budget and procedures within companies. For example, meetings of shareholders.

The Bell, recognized as a foreign agent, reported on the demand of the Russian authorities in 2022 for large businesses to pay 200 billion rubles to the country’s budget once. Allegedly, then the officials demanded twice as much, but the business reduced the amount.

According to the plans of presidential aide Maxim Oreshkin, payments will be made by the spring of 2023, and this will allegedly be a “gift to Putin.” Then the authorities referred to the fact that the financial indicators of the companies were quite good, many were strongly in the black.

According to Shokhin, the whole favorable situation for Russian business ended with the beginning of the special operation in Ukraine. First of all, the companies have lost the largest sales market – Europe.

Analysts recalled that the budget of Russia by January 2023 reached 1.8 trillion rubles. And this is half of the total deficit for last year – 3.3 trillion rubles.

Experts add that a voluntary contribution is still not a tax in the full sense of the word. It concerns large companies with excess profits – for example, metallurgists, the pharmaceutical industry, etc. The strategy of the state is now to collect more money from them, and medium and small businesses will not be affected by such an innovation.

As Topnews wrote earlier, Europe in the summer of 2022 reported multibillion-dollar losses from the absence of tourists from Russia. Due to difficulties with flights, sanctions, Russians refused to rest abroad.

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The Washington Post: The United States demanded from Ukraine a report on the billions received

The Washington Post: The USA demanded from Ukraine a report on the billions received

The publication reports that Kiev needs at least $3 billion every month.

During their visit to Ukraine, Pentagon and State Department officials warned the Kiev authorities that they would have to account for several billion dollars received as military aid.

According to The Washington Post, the warning was received in connection with corruption in Ukraine, which has been manifested over the past ten years.

As the media quotes the warning, it sounded like: “Be ready to account for everything we give you. And keep fighting corruption”.

State Department spokeswoman Diana Shaw explained to reporters that during the meeting with the Kiev leadership, all the expectations of US taxpayers were conveyed directly to the Ukrainian authorities, and concerned transparency and accountability of both the aid received and how it was disposed of.

The publication notes that, despite the work carried out by Kiev to reduce the budget deficit, Ukraine still needs financing at least once a month.

According to the deputy head of the Ministry of Finance of the country Olga Zykova, the amount that should be received 12 times a year is $ 3 billion. It is known that the US and the EU are ready to issue $30 billion for 2023.

Zykova said that the need for another $10 billion remains, and the authorities are counting on help from other countries and international banks, including the IMF.

As WP clarifies, by mid-January, the total amount of assistance provided to Ukraine from the EU amounted to 49 billion euros, on preferential terms, the country will receive another 18 billion. The volume of military aid in monetary terms amounted to 10 billion euros.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that the US administration announced the supply of tanks to Ukraine under contracts with manufacturers. According to US President Biden, a battalion of 31 M1 Abrams will arrive in Ukraine.

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The reason for the closure of the trade representative office of Kazakhstan in Russia is named

The reason for the closure of the trade representative office of Kazakhstan in Russia is named

The Russian State Duma reacted to Astana’s decision.

The media became aware of Kazakhstan’s decision to close a trade representative office in Russia. The reason for the official decision is the intention to optimize the work of state bodies.

As stated on the portal of the Government of Kazakhstan on February 1, the closure takes place “ taking into account the high level of interaction with the Russian Federation ”.

At the same time, it is indicated that all “institutes” for the work of Kazakh business in Russia are available.

Personnel from the trade mission will be sent to diplomatic work in other countries. The closing draft will be accepted until February 15.

As noted in a conversation with “Tape.State Duma deputy Konstantin Zatullin, such a step indicates Astana’s intention to maintain ties with the West and avoid sanctions.

The Deputy Chairman of the CIS Affairs Committee pointed out that Kazakhstan continues to move away from Russia not only in the political, but also in the economic spheres.

Thus, the closure of the representative office will lead to a decrease in trade and financial turnover between the two countries.

“I think Kazakhstan is maneuvering,” the deputy said.

According to Zatullin, similar behavior of Astana was observed before the start of the SVO, and Russian representative offices have been working inside diplomatic missions for a long time.

He also noted Astana’s desire to make money on transit, which is successful due to the geographical location of the country.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that the Kazakh deputy was deprived of his mandate for publicly expressing support for his own and Russia’s policy in Ukraine.

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Bloomberg: the EU has found grounds to borrow Russian assets for the needs of Kiev

Bloomberg: the EU found grounds to borrow Russian assets for the needs of Kiev

The publication believes that there are risks of losses, not profits.

EU lawyers have notified EU countries that there are legitimate grounds for using at least 33.8 billion euros from the assets of the Bank of Russia, which were frozen during the sanctions.

According to the EU legal service, they can be transferred to Ukraine for the restoration of the country. According to Bloomberg, citing sources, the condition for such a transaction will be the absence of expropriation of assets. That is, in any case, the principal amount of assets and interest on it will have to be returned to the Russian Federation.

On Wednesday, January 25, lawyers discussed this possibility with the ambassadors of European countries. It turned out that there are risks that losses will arise instead of profits with the new management of funds, and then they will have to be compensated at the expense of the EU and the member states of the Union.

Recall that the EU and G7 countries were looking for a way to use frozen Russian assets for the costs of restoring Ukraine, but they did not find legal grounds.

Brussels proposed to combine all the funds, and then try to make money on them, and spend the difference on Kiev.

The publication reports that experts estimate the assets of Russians abroad at $ 300 billion, about $33.8 billion are deposits in Europe.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that the European Commission proposed to create a structure that would manage frozen Russian assets.

According to the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Maria Zakharova, the actions of the EU are nothing but theft.

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Germany has declared full independence from Russian energy carriers

Germany has declared full independence from Russian energy carriers

The Finance Minister proposed a new agreement between the “liberal democracies”.

German Finance Minister Christian Lindner, in an interview with the media at the World Economic Forum in Davos, said that Germany has overcome dependence on energy resources that were previously supplied from Russia.

As he said in an interview with BBC journalists, which appeared on January 19, Germany still depends on imported energy carriers, but Russia is not among the suppliers, and Russian imports do not affect the situation in the country’s energy sector.

Dependence remains only on the world markets, Lindner stressed.

According to the minister, Germany has agreed to resume the operation of local coal-fired power plants, and plans to open three nuclear power plants have been postponed.

In addition, the authorities have increased the capacity that was given to the storage of natural gas supplied from abroad, specifically from Norway and the USA.

Lindner said that Germany has come to understand that after Chancellor Angela Merkel, the country needs to strengthen its competitiveness.

Speaking about the Merkel period, he said that then the country was developing the strengths of the past.

“Now we are developing the strengths of the future,” he stressed.

Recall that Germany refused to import Russian oil at the beginning of 2023, gas stopped flowing to the German side after sabotage on the Nord Stream gas pipeline.

The head of the German Finance Ministry also called for the achievement of a global agreement on trade of several liberal democracies and the restoration of relations with the United States, which arose due to the law on reducing inflation.

Lindner called for stopping the competition between the parties on the amount of subsidies. It can become a threat to the sustainability of state finances in Europe, the minister believes.

“We don’t need a trade war, we need trade diplomacy”, – he said.

As TASS reminds, the inflation law adopted in the United States gave large subsidies to companies – manufacturers of electric vehicles, batteries and equipment for energy with the condition that the goods are manufactured in the United States. In Europe, they decided that the harbinger of a transatlantic trade war.

According to the head The European Commission of Ursula von der Leyen, the EU should form a protectionist policy of the Union in response to the economic innovations of the United States.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that from February 1, according to the decree of the President of the Russian Federation, oil supplies under the ceiling set by the EU and the USA are prohibited.

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In the USA, they told about the “suspicious actions” of oligarchs from Russia shortly before the start of their

In the USA they told about the

Shortly before the start of the special operation, the number of asset transfers from Russia to the United States increased dramatically.

Russian officials and businessmen made a number of suspicious transactions before the start of the SVO, which may indicate attempts to evade sanctions.

The American authorities have published a report on international transfers made by Russian billionaires in early 2022.

According to the documents, from January to April 2022 there was a sharp increase in the volume of transfers, and some large owners transferred assets to children and relatives.

According to FinCEN analysts, the volume of such transactions is estimated at billions of dollars, and in most cases it is unknown where these funds come from in Russia, and it is unclear whether they may be related to corruption.

One of the persons involved in the suspicious list seriously increased Swiss credit card expenses from December 2021 to February 2022.

According to some reports, the money was spent on luxury goods and art.

Purchases were made up to the beginning of the SVO and the introduction of sanctions.

At the beginning of 2022, a number of large entrepreneurs sent large transfers to their loved ones who live abroad, including in the United States.

For example, a businessman’s child living in the USA received $1 million as a transfer last February.

Recall that the SVO began on February 24, 2022.

Earlier, topNews wrote that the conversation between Zelensky and Macron was leaked to the Network on February 24.

The excerpt appeared in a documentary.

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Media: Europe is waiting for a new shock related to Russia on February 5

Mass media: Europe is waiting for a new shock related to Russia on February 5

According to Chinese journalists, the European Union is waiting for an epic fiasco, despite the warm winter.

Italian media said that on February 5, 2023, Europe will face a new problem because of the Russian Federation.

Violet Silvestri, a journalist of the Money edition, came to such conclusions.

She noted that due to the decline in natural gas prices, the European Union was able to breathe a sigh of relief, but now the countries of the Old World are facing a new shock, since a ban on the transportation of Russian petroleum products, including diesel fuel, comes into force on February 5, 2023.

Silvestri wonders where the EU will get the missing fuel from, pointing to the next turmoil in the energy sector.

The new ban on the import of petroleum products from the Russian Federation was a consequence of the European embargo on Russian crude oil by sea.

A year earlier, the European Union supplied about 220 million barrels of diesel fuel from Russia, which is critically important for the European economy.

“Replacing such a quantity of Russian fuel, which is approximately 14,000 Olympic swimming pools filled with diesel, is a serious problem”, – writes Violet Silvestri.

Due to the sanctions, Russia may reduce production, including diesel fuel, which may lead to a shortage of it worldwide and to a sharp increase in prices for this type of fuel.

Against this background, it turned out. that the global economy is no longer in danger of recession, which means an increase in energy demand and even greater difficulties for the European Union in finding a replacement for Russian fuel.

Meanwhile, the Chinese publication Sohu writes that Russia may punish the European Union for gloating because of the warm weather and cheaper gas.

Thanks to the warm weather in Europe, fuel consumption has decreased and its cost has decreased. However, journalists consider the EU’s joy in this regard premature, and euphoria will be replaced by panic due to the epic fiasco of the region.

Thus, the current warm winter does not mean that there will be no problems for the European Union in the future, and the region remains dependent on Russian gas supplies. At the same time, Brussels has no new suppliers of blue fuel and, apparently, is not expected.

“Even if Europe survives this winter safely, how will it survive the next?” – Chinese journalists are interested.

In the conditions of austerity of energy, the European economy cannot exist for a long time, since the European Union needs stable supplies of cheap fuel, which Russia can provide.

The Chinese edition recommends that Europe restore relations with Moscow as soon as possible, since next winter may be much colder than the current one.

Earlier, topNews wrote that Putin allowed unfriendly countries to pay the debt for gas in currency.

A special account will be created for this.

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Mass media: Kazakhstan failed to establish oil supplies bypassing Russia in 2022

Mass media: Kazakhstan could not arrange oil supplies bypassing Russia in 2022

Earlier, the Kazakh authorities have repeatedly advocated the search for alternative routes.

The Kazakh authorities were unable to organize oil supplies bypassing the Russian Federation last year.

As “Izvestia ” writes, the Kazakh authorities have repeatedly talked about finding alternative supplies of black gold bypassing the Russian Federation.

However, the oilmen could not enter the routes that would suit the management.

According to the publication, it may take years and huge investments, estimated at billions of dollars, to find such ways.

According to the authors of the material, Kazakhstan has several possible ways to supply oil bypassing the Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC).

Among such routes, journalists call an increase in rail supplies through Russia, the transportation of oil through Azerbaijan with the subsequent supply of fuel through the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan and Baku–Supsa pipelines, as well as an increase in supplies to China and Iran.

Recall that Kazakhstan is being pushed to search for alternative routes by the geopolitical situation and the actual problems with the CPC, whose pipeline leads from Western Kazakhstan to the port of Novorossiysk.

In March last year, berths were damaged in the port of Novorossiysk due to a storm, and in June shells from the Great Patriotic War were found in the water area.

As a result, the transportation of oil through the pipeline was stopped by the decision of the Primorsky District Court of Novorossiysk.

Earlier, topNews wrote that the Kazakh Foreign Minister refused to help Russia.

According to Mukhtar Tleuberdi, the country does not support sanctions against the Russian Federation, but it will not help Moscow to circumvent them.

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