Bloomberg: the EU has found grounds to borrow Russian assets for the needs of Kiev

Bloomberg: the EU found grounds to borrow Russian assets for the needs of Kiev

The publication believes that there are risks of losses, not profits.

EU lawyers have notified EU countries that there are legitimate grounds for using at least 33.8 billion euros from the assets of the Bank of Russia, which were frozen during the sanctions.

According to the EU legal service, they can be transferred to Ukraine for the restoration of the country. According to Bloomberg, citing sources, the condition for such a transaction will be the absence of expropriation of assets. That is, in any case, the principal amount of assets and interest on it will have to be returned to the Russian Federation.

On Wednesday, January 25, lawyers discussed this possibility with the ambassadors of European countries. It turned out that there are risks that losses will arise instead of profits with the new management of funds, and then they will have to be compensated at the expense of the EU and the member states of the Union.

Recall that the EU and G7 countries were looking for a way to use frozen Russian assets for the costs of restoring Ukraine, but they did not find legal grounds.

Brussels proposed to combine all the funds, and then try to make money on them, and spend the difference on Kiev.

The publication reports that experts estimate the assets of Russians abroad at $ 300 billion, about $33.8 billion are deposits in Europe.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that the European Commission proposed to create a structure that would manage frozen Russian assets.

According to the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Maria Zakharova, the actions of the EU are nothing but theft.


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