Media: tankers with Russian oil are drifting at sea due to lack of demand

Media: tankers with Russian oil are drifting at sea due to lack of demand

Reuters reports on millions of barrels of oil that were left without a buyer.

The media, citing data from the Vortexa analytical company, reported that tankers loaded with about 62 million barrels of Russian Urals grade oil are forced to drift into the sea due to the lack of buyers for fuel.

According to Reuters, a larger volume of the resource is afloat than it was before the start of the Russian military operation in Ukraine.

At the moment, 15% of the total number of vessels loaded with oil remain unclaimed. The publication points to the indicator as a record for a long period of time.

Analysts estimate that by May 2022, the volume of Russian oil exports fell to 6.7 million barrels per day.

Previously, the daily volume was 7.9 million – this is the figure for February 2022.

Now the main consumers of Russian oil are India and China, the media notes.

At the same time, as previously agreed, China has increased purchases of the ES variety from Eastern Siberia.

In addition, there is data on the booking of vessels by Rosneft and Gazprom Neft over the past weeks of Sovcomflot vessels that are supposed to supply oil to Asia.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that in mid-March, Russia got into an oil hole.

Then, recall, a barrel of Brent crude oil fell below one hundred dollars per unit.


Nike curtails product deliveries to Russia

Nike is shutting down product deliveries to Russia

Vedomosti reports on the decision of the American company.

IRG President Tikhon Smykov sent a letter to the company’s employees stating that the franchise agreement with the American company Nike, which produces sports shoes and clothing, has not been extended.

According to Vedomosti, with reference to a document that is at the disposal of the editorial board, it says that the brand line will be closed as soon as IRG exhausts the inventory of products under this brand.

The same information was confirmed by the PR director of the Russian company Lyudmila Semushina.

According to her, deliveries to Russia from Nike to Russia have been suspended, and therefore, mono-brand stores can no longer work.

Nike itself, when asked by the publication, reported that the reason for not extending the agreement was “operational difficulties”, while all store employees now continue to receive payments.

Earlier, back in early March, as Topnews wrote, Nike had already suspended online sales in Russia, and announced the temporary closure of all local stores, including those that worked on franchising.


In the UK, a criminal case was opened against Russian billionaire Peter Aven: he spends more than he should

In the UK, a criminal case was opened against Russian billionaire Peter Aven: he spends more than he should

Sanctions were imposed on the businessman.

Russian media reported on the opening of a criminal case in the UK against the head of the board of directors of Alfa-Bank, Peter Aven. Local authorities imposed sanctions on the businessman and found that he was able to circumvent them.

The initiation of a criminal case is reported by TASS, citing a source from Aven’s entourage.

According to their data, a criminal case was initiated under the article “Violation of sanctions”.

According to the restrictions, Aven can spend no more than £2.5 thousand per month. But it is established that he spends more and “lives beyond his means.”

By the way, earlier the media spread Aven’s complaints that after the sanctions he did not know how to live on. He will not be able to hire a cleaner, a driver – and the businessman himself did not drive. Nor did he understand how his stepdaughter would drive.

“We don’t understand how to survive,” Peter Aven complained earlier.

At the same time, the Russian oligarch complained that his business was destroyed, and he had been building it for 30 years.

Now even his partners are afraid to meet him in person, and they were also afraid of the authorities.

Aven was not going to leave Britain.

Recall that the EU imposed sanctions against Peter Aven, Mikhail Fridman and other Russian officials and bankers on February 28. On March 1, Aven and Friedman resigned from the board of directors of Alfa-Bank.

As Topnews wrote earlier, Petr Aven denies that he has a “special relationship” with Vladimir Putin, but admitted that the president warned him in advance about sanctions.


Norway was required to share the “superprofit” from gas with Ukraine

Norway was required to share with Ukraine

Poland has put forward the next conditions for Europe.

There is another scandal in the political arena related to the gas crisis in Europe. This time Poland demanded Norway to share with Ukraine part of its oil and gas revenues. This statement was made by Mateusz Morawiecki, the Polish Prime Minister.

The politician recalled that in 2022 the gas pipeline from Norway to Poland will be completed, which means that the country will receive quite a lot of money.

In particular, Moravetsky estimated that Norway will receive over 100 billion euros, since the rest will pay 4-5 times higher for gas.

“They should immediately share this excess, gigantic profit. It’s not normal, it’s unfair,” he said  Moravetsky.

Norway has already responded to Poland: the data on the “superprofits” of their state are incorrect. The Norwegian Foreign Ministry referred to the fact that their country’s Pension Fund had already received $ 51.2 billion less, and they were already helping Ukraine.

The representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, explained Poland’s eagerness to demand profits from Norway: according to her, the Polish leadership considers Kiev’s income to be “Warsaw’s income.”

Meanwhile, the Polish government has torn up the agreement for the supply of Russian gas. The agreement has been in effect since 1993 and could expire at the end of 2022.

The Kremlin noted that Poland has taken an “unbridled policy” towards Russia – on the verge of madness.

Vladimir Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Putin refused to make forecasts and noted that it is difficult to predict the development of the gas situation.

Against this background, Reuters, citing a member of the BMW board of directors, reported serious consequences for the German automotive industry. He is even threatened with a production shutdown if gas supplies from Russia stop.

As Topnews wrote earlier, Russia deprived Poland, Bulgaria and Finland of gas after they refused to pay for “blue fuel” in rubles.

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Starbucks is leaving Russia, and McDonald’s restaurant signs have been dismantled

Starbucks is leaving Russia, and the signs of restaurants in McDonald's have been dismantled

Western business is adjusting to the sanctions.

The Starbucks coffee chain is completely leaving Russia. The owner liquidates the Russian legal entity “Coffee Siren”. Previously, Starbucks was closed back in March of this year, coffee shops have not opened.

According to media reports, Starbucks will lay off all employees within three months.

And the McDonald’s sold continues to change. Recall that under the terms of the deal, the fast food restaurant chain cannot be called McDonald’s. The new owner will change the name.

In this regard, the dismantling of signage at McDonald’s restaurants has begun across the country. There were photos of the dismantling of signage in Khimki, Moscow, etc.

The media also reported how McDonald’s will be called. We are talking about “MS” – allegedly, therefore, even the corporate letter “M” will remain.

But the CEO of McDonald’s denied these rumors, it is known that they do not plan to keep the yellow letter “M” in the new brand.

“Saying goodbye to the era”, – write in Telegram channels.

The source of Izvestia reports that the classic menu will be left in the sold McDonald’s.

As Topnews wrote earlier, the Russians offered almost 300 new names for McDonald’s. Most often, residents advocated the name of the fast food chain – “McDuck”.

Some also advocated the name “Uncle Vanya”.

According to the contract, the new owner of McDonald’s is obliged to keep jobs and salaries for the team for two years.

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The economist explained the difference between the official dollar exchange rate and the real one and revealed what to expect next in the exchangers

The economist explained the difference between the official dollar exchange rate and the real one and revealed what to expect next in the exchangers

The specialist told why there is such a big difference between the exchange rate and the rate in banks.

The exchange rate of the Russian currency has significantly strengthened, however, experts note that there is practically nowhere to buy a noticeably cheaper currency now – despite the low exchange rate, the difference between trading on the Moscow Exchange and the offer of banks can be about 20 rubles.

Maxim Maramygin, Doctor of Economics, told about the difference between the official and real course.

In conversation with he said that an artificial foreign exchange market has been established in Russia due to the lack of direct correlation of cash and non-cash currency.

He recalled that any raw material sold by Russia – minerals, wood, grain – has skyrocketed in value.

“Therefore, the receipt of the non-cash part is huge, including the one that the Europeans pay us for gas. Physical consumption volumes have decreased, and the flow of currency has increased dramatically,” he said.

The expert noted that correspondent accounts have been closed to Russian banks, and banks cannot introduce cash currency. Therefore, it remains cashless.

Maramygin noted that the exchange rate on the stock exchange consists of oil companies’ offers and buyers’ demand.

Now the volume of international trade has seriously decreased, so cash dollars and euros do not reach banks, and their real value does not fall as a result.

“It is still possible to buy them, and even at a low price – another question is that you will not be able to hold the bill in your hands, – the specialist said.

Currency can now only be deposited into an account, but it cannot be taken out of the country. In addition, new bills do not come into it.

He noted that now there are two dollar and euro exchange rates in cash and on non-cash accounts of the Moscow Exchange.

After Russia gets access to the import of cash from abroad, the official and real rates will become similar to each other.

Earlier, topNews wrote that the dollar exchange rate fell below 58 rubles for the first time in 4 years. The euro dropped below 60 rubles.


Finland announced the date of termination of gas supplies from Russia amid record sales figures

Finland announced the date of termination of gas supplies from Russia against the background of record sales figures

Helsinki reported that they had not received notifications from Gazprom.

A message appeared on the website of the Finnish gas state company Gasum that fuel supplies from Russia are being stopped this week.

The statement also mentions the dates when the pumping stop will be given – the evening of May 20, or the 21st. The company also noted that there was no information about the placement from the Russian side. That is, neither Gazprom Export nor the Russian operator have reported anything to the Finnish side.

Nevertheless, Gasum believes that such a risk is very real. Their opinion was formed against the background of the statement made by Finland on May 17 about the refusal to fulfill Gazprom’s conditions, that is, to pay for fuel in rubles.

Recall that under the contract, payments from Finland to Russia should arrive no later than May 23. Official Helsinki already assumed that there would be no deliveries from May 14, but did not comment on the situation.

The scenario may be possible, because Gazprom has already deprived Bulgaria and Poland of Russian fuel after a similar refusal to pay. On the eve of the shutdown, sanctions were imposed in Varashava against Gazprom itself.

At the same time, France reports a record increase in Russian revenues against the background of European fuel supplies.  So, the Echos publication, citing Citi analysts, called the size of $100 billion. The reason they call the rise in prices.

It is indicated that the amount is twice as much as the transfers of 2021.

“And this is without taking into account the income from oil, coal and other raw materials” and the embargo imposed on Russia, he emphasizes. Thus Moscow can celebrate the first victory in the energy battle with Europe. Even a reduction in fuel purchases will not affect income, because prices will compensate for the gap.

The French columnist believes that the embargo has trapped Europe itself, and the President of the Russian Federation is gaining the upper hand.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that about twenty European companies have opened accounts in Gazprombank to pay for Russian gas supplies. And the EU members have not yet been able to agree on the size and conditions of the embargo.


Russians offered almost 3,000 funny names for the new McDonald’s

Russians have proposed almost 3,000 funny names for the new McDonald's

The company also wants to keep the recipe.

Russians responded to the news about the sale of the McDonald’s restaurant chain in the country. The American fast food company, which has been in Russia for almost 30 years, is leaving the market due to the difficulty in supplies.

In a statement, McDonald’s promised to sell the restaurants to a “local buyer,” and so it happened. Now the sale to Alexander Govor is being completed.

It is reported that under the terms of the contract, McDonald’s in Russia should change its name, for almost 2 years the new owner will keep the former staff at their workplaces and pay wages.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Russian McDonald’s is likely to keep the old recipe of dishes. The department also offered to choose a new name for the restaurant chain. The Russians have already offered over 3,000 options.

Among them is “Mcgovor” – in honor of Alexander Govor, the owner of the Guide company, who bought McDonald’s.


“MakDak– does not violate anything and people use this name”


“There is a long-operating TatMak in Kazan, a chain of cafes


“Echpochmak” – Tatar variant”

“What’s Mac doing here? Are the Russian names all over already?”


“Russian Poppy”, – commentators write online.

The ministry promised to transfer “the most creative and interesting” to the Russian owner.

RBC conducted a survey in its Telegram channel and chose the most popular name from the suggested names for McDonald’s. It became “McDuck”. And there were also options in the survey “Uncle Vanya”, “Rusburger”, “Cafe Minutka”, “Potato”.

Russians have proposed almost 3,000 funny names for the new McDonald's

As Topnews wrote earlier, media sources reported that McDonald’s was concerned about the loss of its funds due to the special operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine and the suspension of work, so it was decided to withdraw from the market in Russia.


The dollar exchange rate for the first time in 4 years fell below 58 rubles, the euro below 60: currency experts gave advice

The dollar exchange rate for the first time in 4 years fell below 58 rubles, the euro below 60: currency experts gave advice

The expert recommended Russians not to sell dollars and euros.

During trading on the Moscow Stock Exchange on May 20, the dollar fell below 58 rubles.

At the minimum, the dollar was trading at 57.55 rubles. Below the border of 58 rubles, the US currency fell for the first time in four years.

The euro also fell to multi-year lows – it could be bought for 59.58 rubles. By 21:15, the dollar exchange rate was adjusted to 58.06 rubles, the euro was worth 60.24 rubles.

Both currencies lost 5 and 4.5 rubles at the beginning of the trading session.

The strengthening of the ruble is associated with measures to support the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and a large trade surplus.

Against this background, economist Nikita Maslennikov recommended Russians not to rush to exchange money.

He recalled that according to the forecast of the MAYOR, the dollar exchange rate may rise to 76 rubles.

“Therefore, it makes no sense to dump dollars and euros today”, – quotes the economist “”.

According to the expert, people traveling abroad on vacation will need a currency in any case. However, it is better not to rush to throw it off.

Earlier, topNews wrote that the economist warned of a trap for the dollar at the end of May.

According to the expert, the dollar exchange rate depends on the behavior of the euro.


G7 countries will create a “grain” alliance against Russia

G7 countries will create a grain alliance against Russia

The goals and objectives of this alliance are named.

The G7 countries intend to create a so-called grain alliance.

The corresponding agreement between the United States, Japan, Germany, Great Britain, Italy and Canada is aimed at preventing problems with food supplies against the background of the current blockade of Ukrainian ports by the Russian Federation.

According to Der Spiegel, the initiators of the alliance were Svenje Schultz and David Malpass.

The main task of the grain alliance is to ensure financing and cooperation within the framework of food supply against the background of a shortage.

In particular, there is a food shortage with the threat of famine for the countries of Africa and the Middle East, as they depend on the export of grain crops from Ukraine.

The ban of the Indian authorities on wheat exports aggravates the already deplorable situation, as a result of which prices for this crop have soared to record levels and today amount to $ 456 per ton.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that the UN called a way to ensure the passage of grain ships from Ukraine.

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