Media: Sergey Kiriyenko’s son will become the new CEO of VK

Mass media: Sergey Kiriyenko's son will become the new CEO of VK

The company’s CEO Boris Dobrodeev has resigned.

The Russian media found out who will become the new CEO of VK.

As RBC informs, referring to its sources, this position will be occupied by the vice-president of Rostelecom Vladimir Kiriyenko.

He is also the son of the first deputy of the AP Sergey Kiriyenko.

He received his position at Rostelecom in September 2016. He was responsible for the digital transformation of the company and a number of other issues.

Rostelecom has not yet provided any comments, and VK representatives declined to comment.

Nevertheless, on December 3, it became known that the CEO of VK (former Group) Boris Dobrodeev resigned from his post.

According to RIA Novosti, he will continue to perform duties until the appointment of a new director.

In his farewell letter to employees, Dobrodeev stated that he intends to continue working with USM and focus on digital assets.

In addition, he is going to launch a venture fund.

Recall that Boris Dobrodeev took over as CEO of VK in the fall of 2016. Prior to that, he worked, among other things, as the CEO of the social network VKontakte.

Earlier, topNews wrote that USM holding sold VK to Sogaz. The relevant information was published on the group’s website.


Alisher Usmanov ‘s company sold VK “Sogazu”

Alisher Usmanov's company sold VK to Sogaz

The holding company is withdrawing from the company’s capital.

USM holding, owned by Alisher Usmanov, sold a package of voting shares of VK (экс Group).

The deal was concluded with “Sogaz”.

The relevant information is published on the group’s website.

The Board of Directors approved 45% participation in the capital of MF Technologies JSC. This company, recall, controls 57.3% of VK votes.

We are talking about shares that belonged to USM through MegaFon.

Representatives of the holding confirmed “to the Merchant”, without disclosing the amount.

In its press release, USM quoted the words of Alisher Usmanov. In particular, he noted that the holding is withdrawing from the organization’s capital.

Earlier, topNews wrote that Pavel Durov sold his own stake in VKontakte. This happened back in 2014.


The media told what will change in Russia from December 1, 2021

The media told what will change in Russia from December 1, 2021

Laws on indexing, blocking of “deception” sites, labeling of milk and others come into force.

It became known which innovations will come into force on December 1.  These included access to social sites on a free basis, indexing of part of pensions, a QR code system and a number of others.

So, since Wednesday, the indexation of pensions began to operate on an automatic basis. It affects three categories of Russians of retirement age. Firstly, those who celebrated their 80th anniversary in November can count on an increase, the amount of new payments will be 12 088.96 rubles per month.

The second category is Russians who worked until July inclusive, but quit in August of this year. They will be charged an increase automatically and will make an additional payment for three months. Another category of pensioners will be those who have applied for recalculation. Their allowances will also be credited automatically.

In addition, since December 1, a QR code system has been operating in a number of regions of the Russian Federation. It was introduced in the Republic of Kalmykia, the Orel, Omsk and Chelyabinsk regions, the Khabarovsk Territory and Sochi. The regions themselves determined in which areas the presentation of QR codes is required.

On December 1, the law on free access to Russian socially significant sites began to work. According to the document, access to the sites included in the list of Russian socially significant sites within the framework of communication services and Internet access has become free. This list includes portals of state agencies and local self-government bodies, websites of state extra-budgetary funds, as well as the portal of public services. The rest of the list will be determined by the special commission of the Government of the Russian Federation.

Pre-trial blocking is being introduced for sites that advertise financial pyramids. The initiator may be the Bank of Russia. Sites that deceive their customers by using similar domain names, design or content and offering financial services to which they have no rights may be blocked.

Also, starting from Wednesday in Russia, mineral water in the package will be subject to mandatory labeling. The same applies to dairy products whose shelf life is 40 days.

Recalculation of the allowance for children from three to seven years ends at the end of December, before that time the application must be submitted to Public Services. The amount of the allowance depends on  depending on the specific situation, and the basic average is 5,650 rubles.

The Registry Office is switching to work on the extraterritorial principle. Since December, you can get a child’s birth certificate at any department, wherever the applicant decides. The principle of “ registration ” is in the past. Also, an application for divorce can be filed not only by spouses, but also by a third person. The latter must have a notarized power of attorney with the consent of the husband and wife, or a guardian if the spouse is incapacitated.

 In addition, new rules for the execution of loan agreements will come into effect from December 30. Banks from this date will be prohibited from ticking off additional services in advance. They should be chosen by the borrower himself. A cooling-off period is also introduced. This means that the borrower can refuse additional services for 14 days, including insurance, legal support and others.

From December 29, new rules will come into effect for foreign citizens who arrive in Russia for a period of more than three months. They will need to be fingerprinted, take a photo for the Ministry of Internal Affairs, undergo a medical examination, pass tests for HIV and other viruses, and take a drug test.

As Topnews wrote earlier, the media told what will change in Russia from November 1.

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The media named 4 new taxes that are waiting for Russians in 2022

The media named 4 new taxes that are waiting for Russians in 2022

New taxes are expected to be introduced in Russia next year.

According to journalists, the tax burden of citizens in Russia will increase next year: due to changes in the Tax Code, four new fees are being introduced.

According to “RBC Investments”, the changes affected the methodology for calculating the tax on ruble deposits.

So, this year, citizens pay 13% tax on interest on deposits exceeding the Central Bank rate at the beginning of the year.  On January 1, 2021, the rate was 4.25%. With an estimated income from a deposit of 10%, the difference was 5.75%. Thus, from the income received, equivalent to a difference of 5.75%, a citizen will pay a tax of 13%.

A similar tax will need to be paid on the income from the deposit in foreign currency.

Pensioners will have to pay income tax on dividends on the deposit. The corresponding bill was submitted to the State Duma in 2021. At the same time, the tax assumes exemption from tax for non-working pensioners, but in the end the law was never adopted, so all pensioners will have to pay personal income tax on deposits.

In addition, income received in the form of interest on deposits in the bank, received not by inheritance, will also be taxed.

Earlier, topNews wrote that the NSF may refuse to declare 3-personal income tax. The lawyer commented on the situation.

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Three categories of citizens will increase their pensions in Russia from December 1

Three categories of citizens will increase pensions in Russia from December 1

The lawyer commented on the level of indexation of pension payments.

Three categories of citizens of the Russian Federation will increase their pensions from December 1.

The accrual will take place automatically.

According to MK, citizens who worked until August of this year and quit, as well as all those who applied for recalculation, and citizens who turned 80 will receive a supplement to pensions.

All of them will receive 6044 rubles as a one-time annual payment. Thus, this payout will double.

Commenting on the indexation of pension payments, lawyer Artem Zelenkov said that the level of indexation for Russians of retirement age, taking into account planned inflation of 8.1% and current indicators of a decrease in the purchasing power of the population, could reach 9%.

However, more detailed data will be available only in December.

Such indicators are given in the instruction of Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to which the head of state ordered the government to develop measures to index payments to pensioners above the inflationary mark.

It also assumes that by 2022 the average annual pension will reach the level of 17 thousand rubles, by 2023 – 18 thousand rubles, and by 2024 – 18.7 thousand rubles.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that a bill on the indexation of all pensions not lower than inflation has been submitted to the State Duma.


The Ministry of Labor is going to change the system of accounting for poor Russians

The Ministry of Labor is going to change the accounting system of poor Russians

The department explained whether this will affect social support measures.

The Ministry of Labor announced that it is planned to change the accounting of the level of poor Russians.

According to Kommersant, which has a draft decree of the Government of the Russian Federation at its disposal, the agency is going to use the poverty line indicator as an accounting tool.

The indicator is the living wage, which was fixed in the 4th quarter of 2020. At that time, it amounted to 11,300 rubles.

As the media explains, if the document comes into force, the poverty line will be calculated by Rosstat, taking into account the so-called “chain index” of consumer prices for a certain quarter.

The Ministry of Labor emphasizes that the indicator will be purely statistical, and social support will continue to be provided according to the indicators of the subsistence minimum.

The media explained that the Ministry of Labor needs a new calculation to set indicators of poverty in the Russian Federation in its dynamics, and to prevent a situation in which the indicator follows economic growth and median income of the population.

At the moment, the document has been submitted to the Russian Trilateral Commission for discussion.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that two departments, the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Health, have prepared new parameters for which payments to medical workers will be calculated.


The State Duma started talking about the need to devalue the ruble

The State Duma started talking about the need to devalue the ruble

According to one of the deputies, Russia also needs an increase in the key rate.

State Duma deputy Oleg Savchenko made a resonant statement.

In his opinion, Russia needs the devaluation of the ruble. He also noted that it is necessary to raise the regulator’s rate, but this should be done carefully, with an eye to objective factors, as well as the state of the economy in the world.

The official shared his opinion in an interview with , when he commented on the rise of the dollar above the 75 rubles mark for the first time since last July, which happened the day before.

He noted that the process of appreciation of the dollar and the euro should not take place in a stressful mode, as it was in 2014, and the devaluation should be predictable.

Nevertheless, with the growth of the dollar and the euro, the state increases export opportunities.

“The only way to equalize the chances of our enterprises – gradual devaluation”, – quotes the deputy edition.

Despite the fact that the devaluation of the ruble negatively affects the standard of living of people. At the same time, according to the deputy, it is necessary to raise wages at the same time.

He noted that the US and the EU continue to issue their currency in increasing volumes, and this affects the economy in the world.

Earlier, topNews wrote that Russians were warned about the imminent devaluation of the ruble. The expert spoke about the causes and timing of the fall of the national currency.


Starting from January 1, the procedure for paying pensions will change in Russia

Starting from January 1, the order of payment of pensions will change in Russia

Some pensioners will be able to get paid earlier.

Starting from January 1, 2022, the pension payment procedure will change in Russia. Applicants can receive a pension earlier than the due date. But a special order will be in effect in the territories where an emergency regime has been introduced.

To get a pension earlier, a citizen should apply to the Pension Fund. There he will be asked to write a statement.

According to the updated regulations of the Ministry of Labor, a ban on withholding debts from a pension is also introduced if a citizen is declared bankrupt.

The documents also prescribed the option of receiving the funded part of the pension: Russians who received payments from NPFs will be able to receive money.

The procedure for obtaining a pension of a deceased citizen is also defined: legitimate heirs can write an application to the Pension Fund.

Meanwhile, the Russians named the size of the pension, which they consider worthy. According to the Superjob portal, on average, a decent pension for Russian citizens is 43 thousand rubles.

For those under the age of 24, a solid pension payment is 35.8 thousand rubles. People over 45 years old agree to 45 thousand rubles.

Experts noted that the residents of Moscow have the highest pension expectations. Overall, expectations have increased by 8% compared to 2020.

As Topnews wrote earlier, the billionaire gave Russians advice on how to survive in retirement. According to him, it is necessary to buy a 1-room apartment, and to rent it out on retirement. This is the only way to survive in old age.

European citizens in old age also do the same.


The tax service announced the rejection of the declaration of 3-personal income tax

The tax announced the rejection of the declaration of 3-personal income tax

The lawyer commented on the situation with the refusal of 3-personal income tax.

The Federal Tax Service announced the upcoming rejection of a document popular for tax authorities, filled out by individuals – income declaration 3-personal income tax.

This statement was made by the head of the department Daniil Egorov.

In an interview with RBC, he stated that about 14 million such declarations are filed in Russia every year.

Now it is possible to refuse 3-personal income tax, but this possibility depends on the possibility of obtaining access to user data by specialists.

According to Egorov, payers should see that the Federal Tax Service not only controls them, but also meets them halfway through the automation of services.

Recall that, as a rule, personal income tax is retained by the employer. Russians pay it themselves if they receive real estate as a gift, sell property or perform other actions. In such cases, it is necessary to submit a declaration.

According to tax lawyer Viktor Andreev, the main advantage of refusing 3-personal income tax will be convenience, since Russians will be more comfortable if they can relieve themselves of a number of responsibilities.

“But you will have to pay for it by completely renouncing the confidentiality of any of your data, primarily banking ”, – quotes the human rights activist

He noted that the agency will be able to calculate such a tax automatically only if it receives data on all bank accounts of citizens and the movement of funds on them.

Earlier, topNews wrote that in Russia they want to abolish the tax for the poor. For everyone else, they want to raise personal income tax.


The unscheduled increase in the minimum wage and the subsistence minimum in 2022 will affect 16 million Russians

An unplanned increase in the minimum wage and the subsistence minimum in 2022 will affect 16 million Russians

Deputy Prime Minister Golikova announced social payments in 2022, which will affect 16 million Russians. Meanwhile, starting from December 1, 2021, the FIU will increase payments to three categories of pensioners.

Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova clarified how the minimum wage and the cost of living in the Russian Federation will grow, revealing the details of the indexation, which was previously announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Recall that the day before he proposed to increase them by 8.6% next year, outstripping the growth of inflation.

In the draft budget for 2022, this figure was only 2.5%. Thus, the minimum wage (minimum wage) will amount to 13,890 rubles, the subsistence minimum is 12,654 rubles.

According to Golikova, the increased indexation will affect 16 million citizens of the Russian Federation, since the amount of these payments depends on the size of almost all other social benefits, including child benefits, sick leave payments, regional surcharges to residents’ pensions and many others.

She also clarified that the increase in the minimum wage will affect the salaries of 3 million Russians. The local authorities will be able to provide the growth of indicators with money, mostly from the federal budget, as well as the funds of the VBF and their own, but in a smaller amount.

It is reported that the government will allocate about 30 billion rubles to increase the minimum wage and the subsistence minimum.

According to the forecasts of the Bank of Russia, by December inflation will reach 7.4%, but the increase in food prices reached 10.89% in October, RIA Novosti clarifies.

Also, the FIU said that this year, from December 1, three categories of Russian pensioners will be able to receive increased payments.

As reported by with reference to the information received from the department, they will include:

  •  pensioners who quit in August last year. They will be recalculated, and they will receive a pension with an additional payment for three months. It is not necessary to apply for this, as well as to apply in person: the recalculation is done automatically based on the data received from the employer.
  • pensioners who turned 80 last November. Their fixed pension payment will double.
  • Russians who have submitted an application to the FIU department with a request for recalculation of pension savings, as well as documents that prove their right to increase monetary security.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that the Pension Fund explained how to get a lump sum payment from pension savings.