Siluanov gave advice to Russians about where and how to keep money

Siluanov gave advice to Russians about where and how to store money

The Finance Minister called the most reliable way to protect money from inflation.

The head of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation Anton Siluanov called the most reliable way to protect money from inflation.

He called investments in OFZ such a tool.

He noted that there are securities that give a return on the inflation rate and about 2-2.5% on top.

According to the minister, the bank, as a rule, offers a deposit rate “inflation minus ”.

“In real terms, your money will depreciate, then you can invest in OFZ and earn well, in any case, to maintain your portfolio, ”, – the minister said.

He recommended splitting the savings into three parts. One of them should be kept on deposit in a bank, and the other two should be distributed into bonds and shares.

At the same time, he warned against investing in cryptocurrency.

“Nothing is clear in the crypt”, – he added.

According to the Minister, such investments are similar to “slot machines ” and can lead to financial losses.

Earlier, topNews wrote that Siluanov proposed to transfer officials to “Frets ”.

The Kremlin supported the official’s proposal.


Chinese media suspected Russia of the mysterious “loss” of 300 tons of gold

Chinese media suspected Russia of the mysterious loss of 300 tons of goldAccording to Chinese journalists, the “golden” sanctions imposed against Russia have led to unexpected consequences.

According to Chinese media, the sanctions imposed on Russian gold have led to unexpected consequences.

According to the publication Baijiahao, after the West, against the background of growing tensions with Russia, took restrictive measures, including with regard to gold, strange changes began to occur in the precious metals market.

As journalists write with reference to the World Gold Council, 399 tons of gold were purchased in the third quarter of 2022.

The demand for this metal in the world is very high, which is explained by the instability in geopolitics.

However, experts find it difficult to give an unambiguous answer to the question of why strange transactions have been taking place in this market lately. At the same time, according to their results, it is not possible to establish where several hundred tons of gold are now.

Experts of the Chinese newspaper say that an unknown buyer acquires a huge amount of this metal, and we are talking about billions of dollars in turnover.

This situation is already being called the main economic secret of 2022.

“[300 thousand tons of gold] was purchased anonymously and actually disappeared from sight, – writes “PolitRussia” with reference to the publication.

According to unnamed analysts, this secret buyer may be China – Beijing may buy up a huge amount of precious metals in order to diversify its reserves and invest its funds in independent assets.

Also, most of this gold can be bought by Russia, against which sanctions have been imposed.

Recall that the West has banned the import of Russian gold. Before that, it was imported into Great Britain in large quantities, and the trade in it brought great profits.

Initially, the West planned that without the sale of gold, Russia would lose huge revenues, but as a result, more and more countries refuse to invest money in the US national debt, and as a result, the demand for gold has grown seriously.

“The status of the dollar is declining, many countries are abandoning the US national debt, preferring to keep money in gold”, – writes Baijiahao.

According to Chinese experts, Beijing can really buy gold from the Russian Federation, but no details of the transactions are officially provided.

Earlier, topNews wrote that the Chinese media said that Moscow would hit London with missiles if NATO attacked Crimea.

According to experts, the Russian Federation will give a tough response in case of aggression against its territory.

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Forbes described three tragic scenarios for Ukraine with the repetition of missile attacks by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation

Forbes described three tragic scenarios for Ukraine with the repetition of missile attacks by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation

The publication listed the most vulnerable objects of the energy structure.

Forbes believes that in the event of a repeat of the massive attacks of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation on the energy infrastructure, there are three tragic scenarios for Ukraine.

In the material of the Briton David Hambling, he points out that the energy system of Ukraine created in Soviet times is still withstanding the onslaught, and does not allow cascading failures in the supply of electricity, as it would happen in the United States.

The authorities manage to redirect energy from one part of the country to another when part of the generating capacity is lost.

However, the Russian side has switched to attacks on distribution power systems, which poses a much greater danger. So, open switchgears, transformers and switches are attacked.

Blackout is imminent, Hambling believes.

According to his version, in the first scenario, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation attacks transit substations transmitting light from west to east, and the Left Bank plunges into darkness.

The second scenario is a series of attacks on electricity and substations that will leave the whole of Ukraine without electricity, but for a while.

Finally, the third scenario assumes the most difficult development of events. Namely, a series of strikes on the open switchgear of nuclear power plants, as well as those substations that connect the energy system of Ukraine with Europe.

The defeat of these facilities will lead to a power outage for a week, the journalist believes.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that the President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, described how he was going to cope with energy problems in the coming winter.


Rebelión: Ukraine was close to tragedy on the eve of winter

Rebelión: Ukraine was close to tragedy on the eve of winter

The Spanish edition predicts a difficult period for the AFU until March 2023.

The media believe that Ukraine is in a crisis situation on the eve of winter.

According to the author of Rebelión (Spain) Fabrizio Casari, Kiev confidently declares its imminent victory over Russia in the conflict, but about 50% of Ukrainians live without electricity due to frequent outages of the resource as part of the savings announced by the authorities.

The journalist points out that even before the onset of General Winter, the streets of the country’s settlements are already “littered with snow”.

He makes a sad conclusion that the authorities have yet to face a “real tragedy.”

Against the background of the global economic crisis, Kazari points out, the United States and its allies cannot provide even more assistance to Ukraine, and there is not enough of it left.

In addition, the authorities of both the European Union and the States are pretty tired of Zelensky’s arrogance.

The journalist believes that they are not ready for big sacrifices.

Kazari believes that serious cold weather will continue in Ukraine from the coming December to March 2023, and throughout this period the APU will face great difficulties.

She is already “disoriented”, and allows herself to enter only those settlements that were previously abandoned by Russian troops.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that Russia’s permanent representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia, explained why the objects of the energy infrastructure of Ukraine are being attacked by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

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The products that will rise in price from December 1 are named

Named products that will rise in price from December 1

The economist gave a forecast for the cost of the “New Year” table.

Russian economist Mikhail Belyaev, in an interview with the media, pointed to groups of products whose prices are expected to rise from December 1.

In an interview with Sputnik radio, the expert stressed that the cost of food products “long-term storage ” will increase.

More than others, it will affect those that Russians are used to seeing on the New Year’s table.

They will definitely start to rise in price from the first days of December, the economist is sure, but the growth will be gradual.

First and most of all, fish and delicacies, like caviar, will rise in price. The price increase should be expected in the region of 10-15%, Belyaev believes.

In second place in terms of cost growth may be smoked delicacies (10%), cognac and sparkling wines (10%).

As for the prices of products of the vegetable and fruit group, he predicts an increase of 5%.

“All other categories of holiday goods will rise in price less,” he noted.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that in Russia office paper has risen in price by five times.

Russians are asked to save this resource.


Bloomberg: The Mir payment system has failed

Bloomberg: the payment system

The publication summed up the impact of sanctions on the alternative payment system.

Analysts of the Bloomberg edition came to the conclusion that against the background of the termination of the Russian payment system “Mir” in 6 of the 9 countries in which it worked, the system failed.

According to experts, Russia failed to introduce its alternative to the current American Visa and European Mastercard due to the refusal of banks to support it against the background of economic anti-Russian sanctions.

Such financial isolation and threats to friendly credit institutions from unfriendly countries led to the Bank of Russia’s surprising refusal to serve the world.

Bloomberg sources reported that, at the moment, the Central Bank is busy looking for an alternative.

Viktor Dostov, President of the Russian Association of Electronic Money and Money Transfer Market Participants, quoted by Kommersant, explained what caused the refusal of credit institutions.

In his opinion, the authorities’ fear of secondary sanctions outweighs the attractiveness of commission income.

As a result, Russians abroad are forced to use “partial solutions”, because they are equally inaccessible to both the World and foreign Visa and Mastercard.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that since the end of September, banks in Turkey, Kazakhstan, Vietnam and Armenia have suspended work with Russian Mir cards.

Also, the payment system does not work in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan. Sri Lanka, did not work with the “World” at the negotiation stage.

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Putin signed the law on a single allowance for children

Putin signed the law on a single allowance for children

The media found out the average amount of the allowance.

The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin signed the federal law “On universal benefits for pregnant women and citizens with children ”. The goal is to create a unified social support system for Russian families with children and reduce the risk of poverty in this category of society.

According to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” with reference to the document, the new unified benefit, which can be obtained by writing a statement about the need for support, will cover about 10 million recipients.

Now one payment will include benefits that are given to women who are registered as pregnant up to 12 weeks and monthly child benefits. Instead, the state will pay a monthly allowance in connection with the birth and upbringing of a child.

If there are several children under 17 in the family, the allowance will be assigned to each of them separately. The allowance will be paid to the family from the moment the child is born. Recipients must be Russians who have citizenship and permanent residence in the Russian Federation.

It is reported that the law will come into force on January 1 next year.  The amount of the benefit depends on the regional subsistence minimum and also amounts to 50, 75 or 100% of it.

In addition, payments will be received by families whose income per person is below the regional subsistence minimum at the place of residence or stay.  The need assessment will be carried out on a comprehensive basis, taking into account family income, property security and labor potential.

Also, families with an income below PM per person will be able to make a monthly payment at the expense of the mother capital, without taking into account the number of children, even if there is no second child in the family.

The Ministry of Labor clarifies that the rules for the appointment of payments will be the same as for child benefits for toddlers 3 – 8 years and 8 – 17 years.

As for the amount of the allowance, it will be 50, 75 or 100% of the regional PM for children. However, the authors took into account the level of per capita family income and other indicators. The average size, the media notes, will be 7,000, 10,500 and 14,000 rubles.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that Putin called the size of the monthly allowance for the mobilized.


A Polish court has canceled a fine of almost €6.5 billion to Gazprom for the construction of Nord Stream 2

The Polish court canceled the fine

The verdict affected five more construction companies.

The Polish Competition and Consumer Protection Authority (UOKiK) has announced that the penalties against the Russian company Gazprom in the amount of 29.08 billion zlotys (6.46 billion euros) have been canceled.

The antimonopoly agency calls the reason for the cancellation of the decision of the Polish Court for Competition and Consumer Protection.

The Russian monopolist had to pay a large sum for starting the construction of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline.

All five companies that took part in the construction also received fines, the total amount of which is 52 million euros. The Polish court made a similar decision on them.

For its part, UOKiK states that it intends to appeal the court’s decision.

The agency explained that the court called the reason for the cancellation of the fine the absence of a single enterprise for all six companies, which is why it is impossible to determine what consequences their actions will cause for the country’s economy.

In addition, the judges decided that the expert assessment of UOKiK is incorrect, because the department does not have the competence to assess the attempts of companies to circumvent the law.

It is known that UOKiK, in addition to Gazprom, fined Royal Dutch Shell, OMV, Engie, Uniper and Wintershall.

It happened on October 7, 2020. Now the completed gas pipeline is not in operation.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that Gazprom played on the demands of Siemens and signed a verdict to Europe.

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Politico: The European Union has frozen €68 billion of Russian assets

Politico: The European Union has frozen 68 billion Russian assets

The media published data from an internal EU document.

According to the document issued by the European Commission, Belgium decided to freeze Russian assets by €50 billion, and Luxembourg by €5.5 billion.

According to TASS with reference to Politico, which has an internal document, the total amount that fell under the freeze is €68 billion.

In total, seven EU countries, which include, in addition to the two above-mentioned, Germany, Austria, Italy, France and Ireland, account for over 90% of the assets of the Russian Federation that have fallen under sanctions.

Of this amount, about €33.8 billion probably belongs to the National Reserve of the Russian Federation, but the exact amount of this part of the freeze is unknown.

Earlier, the EU has already stated that it is studying the issue of confiscation of Russia’s reserves, which were previously frozen by it.

The head of the European Commission reported that the EU does not yet have the necessary international legal framework.  The funds were proposed to be used for the restoration of Ukraine.

Austria opposed it, stating that such a solution would be available only in case of transparency of legal procedures.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that the EU countries did not agree to

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HeadHunter: the “salary race” in construction and logistics has begun in Russia

HeadHunter: the

The situation is connected with the sanctions policy.

According to a study by the HeadHunter job search service, the actual salary in Russia increased in the third quarter of 2022 by an average of 6.4% compared to the same period in 2021.

The amount of the average salary in Russia was 90.5 thousand rubles before taxes.

Employers were forced to launch a salary race in the fields of construction and logistics due to a shortage of personnel.

Another trend of sanctions, researchers call the increased encouragement of bonuses and bonuses of managerial and expert managers in comparison with top management.

According to analysts, this is due to the increased value of such management due to their activities to overcome the crisis.

Most of all, in the third quarter of 2022, salaries of employees engaged in construction and transport logistics increased by 10% and 9%, respectively, or up to 68.8 and 58.6 thousand rubles of salary in monetary terms.

According to the researchers’ forecast, if the crisis drags on, state-owned companies and budget institutions will become the main employers in the coming years.

Experts also predict a shortage of workers in the labor market and engineers.

Earlier, topNews wrote that the United States decided to impose sanctions against Iran.

This decision is connected with Washington’s opinion that Tehran is helping Moscow.