China has presented its 12-point plan for a peaceful settlement of the conflict in Ukraine

China has presented its 12-point plan for the peaceful settlement of the conflict in Ukraine

Beijing opposed the abuse of sanctions against the background of the Ukrainian crisis.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry has published a plan for a peaceful settlement of the situation in Ukraine, consisting of 12 points.

The corresponding text of the document is published on the website of the foreign diplomatic department.

Chinese diplomats consider the key point in this issue the cessation of hostilities and restoration of the peace negotiation process.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry emphasizes that both sides should equally comply with international law, without double standards.

“Dialogue and negotiations are the only viable solution to the Ukrainian crisis”, – the Chinese Foreign Ministry is confident.

Beijing calls on the parties to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries, comply with the UN Charter and abandon the cold war mentality.

The plan offers mitigation of the humanitarian crisis, protection of civilians and prisoners of war for which it is necessary to create conditions under which the parties could comfortably exchange prisoners.

Special attention is paid to the safety of peaceful nuclear facilities, such as nuclear power plants, and prevention of the use of nuclear weapons.

China also demanded that all parties comply with the agreement signed by Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and the UN the agreement on grain transportation by the Black Sea and called on to stop unilateral sanctions.

According to diplomats, it is impossible to use the global economy for political purposes, and it is necessary to restore the disrupted supply chains.

Unilateral sanctions and excessive pressure not only do not solve problems, but also create new ones,” the text of the document emphasizes.

Beijing calls on to help rebuild Ukraine after the completion of its and expressed readiness to constructively assist in this.

Earlier, topNews wrote that China decided to distance itself from Russia.

According to the media, Beijing took such a step for the sake of Europe.


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