Media: Europe is waiting for a new shock related to Russia on February 5

Mass media: Europe is waiting for a new shock related to Russia on February 5

According to Chinese journalists, the European Union is waiting for an epic fiasco, despite the warm winter.

Italian media said that on February 5, 2023, Europe will face a new problem because of the Russian Federation.

Violet Silvestri, a journalist of the Money edition, came to such conclusions.

She noted that due to the decline in natural gas prices, the European Union was able to breathe a sigh of relief, but now the countries of the Old World are facing a new shock, since a ban on the transportation of Russian petroleum products, including diesel fuel, comes into force on February 5, 2023.

Silvestri wonders where the EU will get the missing fuel from, pointing to the next turmoil in the energy sector.

The new ban on the import of petroleum products from the Russian Federation was a consequence of the European embargo on Russian crude oil by sea.

A year earlier, the European Union supplied about 220 million barrels of diesel fuel from Russia, which is critically important for the European economy.

“Replacing such a quantity of Russian fuel, which is approximately 14,000 Olympic swimming pools filled with diesel, is a serious problem”, – writes Violet Silvestri.

Due to the sanctions, Russia may reduce production, including diesel fuel, which may lead to a shortage of it worldwide and to a sharp increase in prices for this type of fuel.

Against this background, it turned out. that the global economy is no longer in danger of recession, which means an increase in energy demand and even greater difficulties for the European Union in finding a replacement for Russian fuel.

Meanwhile, the Chinese publication Sohu writes that Russia may punish the European Union for gloating because of the warm weather and cheaper gas.

Thanks to the warm weather in Europe, fuel consumption has decreased and its cost has decreased. However, journalists consider the EU’s joy in this regard premature, and euphoria will be replaced by panic due to the epic fiasco of the region.

Thus, the current warm winter does not mean that there will be no problems for the European Union in the future, and the region remains dependent on Russian gas supplies. At the same time, Brussels has no new suppliers of blue fuel and, apparently, is not expected.

“Even if Europe survives this winter safely, how will it survive the next?” – Chinese journalists are interested.

In the conditions of austerity of energy, the European economy cannot exist for a long time, since the European Union needs stable supplies of cheap fuel, which Russia can provide.

The Chinese edition recommends that Europe restore relations with Moscow as soon as possible, since next winter may be much colder than the current one.

Earlier, topNews wrote that Putin allowed unfriendly countries to pay the debt for gas in currency.

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