Wildberries started selling packages, angering employees

Wildberries started selling packages, angering employees

The cost of packages reaches 15 rubles.

Russians were outraged by the innovations of Wildberries: since February 13, packages have become paid at delivery points.

Customers will be able to purchase packages for the amount from 6 to 15 rubles. The money will be debited from their cards.

Wildberries warned about the innovations in advance. They referred to a decrease in the use of plastic.

At the same time, the points of issue of orders face a fine of 10 thousand rubles for “for each identified case” when there will be no packages.

“If we cared about nature, we should abandon plastic bags altogether, preferably everywhere. So that people have no choice but to carry their reusable bags. And so the usual navar”

“Valberis impoverished, even on packages to earn”

“We will wash and dry those that we bought earlier,” the Russians reacted.

The Telegram channel SHOT reports that the packages have to be purchased by the owners of the order pick-up points.

Wildberries takes part of the funds for itself from each package.

It takes 600 rubles a day to purchase packages.

“Of these, the company compensates ridiculous amounts: from 30 to 130 rubles. Moreover, it also takes half of the proceeds for packages resold to ordinary buyers. And if they suddenly end at the point, then the employee will be fined,” the journalists found out.

As Topnews wrote earlier, Wildberries outraged customers by deciding to take money for the return of goods with a marriage.

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