Alikhanov called retaliatory measures to Lithuania’s blockade of transit to Kaliningrad

Alikhanov called retaliatory measures to Lithuania's blockade of transit to Kaliningrad

The Kaliningrad Governor stressed that such a response is an extreme measure.

The Governor of the Kaliningrad region Anton Alikhanov spoke about retaliatory measures against the Lithuanian authorities for the blockade of transit to Kaliningrad from the main territory of Russia.

Among the measures being worked out is a complete ban on the import or export of goods through the Baltic States to Russia.

At the same time, Alikhanov stressed that such a retaliatory measure is extreme and will be applied, apparently, in the worst case scenario.

Moreover, the measure will affect the movement of goods towards the Baltic States through the Russian Federation, “with the exception of Kaliningrad”.

This proposal was submitted for consideration today, July 5, but is not the only one. However, the decision has not yet been made.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that the German government opposed the decision of the Lithuanian authorities to triple the blockade of Kaliningrad, which began in early April and continues to this day.

The decision is called illegal there, since transit is from Russia to Russia.


In Europe, they called for abandoning refrigerators to fight Putin

Europe urged to abandon refrigerators to fight Putin

Bloomberg reported that dependence on Russian supplies can be reduced in this way.

The author of the international edition of Bloomberg Javier Blas believes that Europeans in the fight against Russian President Vladimir Putin should update their household appliances.

According to him, the products consume a lot of energy, and can be considered “friends” of the Russian leader, increasing the continent’s dependence on Russian fuel supplies.

In an article for Bloomberg, Blas clarifies that electricity in Europe is obtained by burning gas, and it will be needed in winter when housing needs to be heated. With a reduction in electricity costs, it is possible to cope with the gas shortage.

The new equipment, the author believes, is more environmentally friendly, so its purchase will not only support manufacturers and factory employees, but also reduce fuel consumption.

The state, he believes, should help citizens in this, because this will reduce the size of a serious problem. And this, in any case, will be cheaper than subsidizing electricity consumption.

Bias cited Greece as an example, which offers compensation of 30-50% of the price of new air conditioners.

The same thing, that is, Saudi Arabia has made a bet on high-quality and efficient new devices. All this helps to save money.

The Kremlin responded to the energy saving plan with irony. According to Kremlin speaker Dmitry Peskov, old household appliances are not a friend of Vladimir Putin, they are friends with Americans.

“Because more expensive American liquefied gas is being supplied now than Russian pipe gas,” he explained his answer.

According to Peskov, the same “friend ” technique is for the heads of European states who preferred to buy cheap and predictable Russian gas supplies.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that the collapse of the industry was predicted in Germany due to the rejection of Russian oil and gas.


The expert revealed the legal scheme of “additional length of service” for retirement

The expert revealed the legal scheme of

Future pensioners should hurry up, the economist believes.

Associate Professor of the Department of the RF Chamber of Commerce and Industry “Human Resource Management ”, scientist-economist Lyudmila Ivanova-Shvets told the media how “to buy experience ” for those who do not have enough pension points and experience for old-age pension registration.

Recall that the law requires compliance with several conditions: reaching a certain age, seniority and coefficients. But those who worked for a gray salary, without paying social contributions, face difficulties in obtaining a social pension.

In an interview with the agency “Prime” Shvets said that the topic is also important for those who need to think about their retirement independently, namely for self-employed Russians.

According to her, there is a transition period in Russia until 2024, so each of these years has its own experience and points in the conditions.

After 2024, Russians will need at least 15 years and 30 points to retire.

By law, “ you can buy ” 50% of the experience – 7.5 years. To do this, you need to write to the FIU, sign a contract and transfer at least 36,669.6 rubles in 2022. For self-employed citizens, the amount is constant – it is 34,445 rubles.

“This amount will make it possible to add 1 year of experience and 1,076 points”, — Shvets explained.

According to the economist, it will not be possible to jump on the train at the last moment in “8221;. You need to take care of your pension in advance. So, 12 months before retirement and with a shortage of, for example, two years, the future pensioner will not have time to pay the entire amount.

The problem is that pension points are accrued for a year, so you will have to work for another 12 months to become a pensioner.

Russians can also get the maximum amount of points: to do this, you need to deposit 293,356. 8 rubles and get 8.52 points. However, the credited experience in this case will be only 1 year, Shvets explained.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that since June 1, pensions, the living wage and the minimum wage have been increased by 10% in Russia.

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FT: Putin taught the West a lesson by signing a decree on the transfer of Sakhalin Energy property to the ownership of the Russian Federation

FT: Putin taught the West a lesson by signing a decree on the transfer of Sakhalin Energy property to the ownership of the Russian Federation

According to Western media, Putin taught the West and the UK a lesson by decree on the Sakhalin-2 project.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on special measures in the field of fuel energy.

The measures are related to the unfriendly actions of a number of foreign countries.

The document published on the official portal of legal information says about the order to change the operator of the Sakhalin-2 oil and gas project, and transfer the company’s property to the state.

Thus, the operator’s property will be transferred to companies created by the government.

Its use will be carried out free of charge, and the state will assume the rights and obligations of the operator.

The shareholders of “Sakhalin Energy” are “Gazprom” (50%+1 share), Shell (27.5% minus 1 share), Mitsui & Co. (12.5%), Mitsubishi (10%).

According to journalists of the British edition of the Financial Times, Putin’s decision on Sakhalin-2 has taught the West and the UK a lesson.

The article emphasizes that the actions of the President of Russia have become a warning for fuel producers trying to quickly sell their assets.

First of all, we are talking about British Petroleum and French Total Energies, which have investments in projects for the development of Russian gas fields.

“Moscow does not want Shell to remain a ghost shareholder that does not generate profit”, – the newspaper writes.

Earlier, topNews wrote that Germany, according to media reports, wants to nationalize part of the Nord Stream-2.

Experts commented on reports about Berlin’s plans.

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PepsiCo will stop shipping drinks to Russia

PepsiCo will stop shipping beverages to Russia

These include Pepsi, Mirindu and 7Ap.

PepsiCo announced that from July 1, the shipment of its goods to Russia will cease. So, the popular Pepsi ”, “Mirinda” and “7Ap ” will no longer arrive on store shelves.

The company’s factories in Russia stopped producing them at the end of May, but supplies from warehouses were not interrupted. However, now, as reported by the TG channel Mash, this opportunity has disappeared.

According to the channel, the drinks will be replaced by two other brands, which are produced by the brand “Russian Gift”, a well-known producer of kvass.  We are talking about drinks with flavors “Duchess”, “Lemonade”, “Tarhun” and “Wild taiga”.

Two more drinks with citrus flavors will be provided by Frustyle. The price of a bottle now reaches about 100 rubles.

In addition, new flavors are being prepared to be released to the market by Evervess. We are talking about a tonic and two types of lemonade.

As for the American manufacturer leaving the market, its distributors in the Russian Federation explained to journalists that leaving would result in large financial losses.

Russians will not be able to get used to unfamiliar brands right away, they explained.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that the Swedish company IKEA, which also left the Russian market, began selling its products through online stores.

At the same time, it announced the early repayment of the lease of branded stores and a sale for employees.


Smartphone manufacturer Honor has stopped deliveries to Russia

Smartphone manufacturer Honor has stopped deliveries to Russia

There were no official statements from the company.

Information has appeared on the Web that the Chinese manufacturer of smartphones and other equipment Honor will not supply its gadgets and accessories to Russia. At the same time, the Chinese side has not officially stated this.

Vedomosti citing two sources, it is stated that Russian supplies of new Honor equipment were stopped back in March, almost at the beginning of Russia’s special operation in Ukraine and the introduction of new sanctions.

Now, as insiders clarify, the Chinese manufacturer is busy looking for partners in other post-Soviet countries, namely in Armenia and Georgia.

It is reported that similar agreements already exist with Uzbekistan. We are talking about using parallel imports to save supplies for Russian customers.

The very fact that Honor is intensively expanding its distribution network indicates the desire of the Chinese side to preserve the market, while reducing the sanctions risks.

According to experts, such a format of suppliers looks logical with general reinsurance, which is now used by Chinese companies.

The reason for the introduction of restrictions were problems with logistics, because now it has become difficult and expensive to import goods from China to Russia.

As the analysts of the publication explained, the lack of containers, the high cost of sea routes, the congestion of railways and the partial closure of border crossings affect.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that part of Samsung smartphones cannot be activated in Russia. This is reported by users.


Gazprom shares collapsed by almost 30% due to the decision not to pay dividends

Gazprom's shares have collapsed by almost 30% due to the decision not to pay dividends

At the lower point, the drop reached 30.2%.

Shares of the state corporation Gazprom began to decline sharply on the Moscow Stock Exchange on June 30.

It is reported that during trading at a minimum, the drop reached 207.7 rubles or 30.2%.

Gazprom’s shares collapsed after it became known about the shareholders’ decision not to pay dividends for 2021.

The company’s message notes that Gazprom’s priority is investment programs and preparation for winter, so it was decided to be ready to pay taxes at an increased rate.

Recall that at the end of May, the media wrote that the company’s board considered it necessary to pay a record dividend of 52.53 rubles per share.

If the shareholders agreed, the total amount of payments would amount to 1.24 trillion rubles.

Earlier, topNews wrote that 20 companies in the EU have opened accounts to pay for gas in Gazprombank.

Against this background, several Gazprom subsidiaries in Germany stopped receiving gas from Russia.


The Central Bank of the Russian Federation showed a new 100-ruble banknote

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation showed a new 100-ruble banknote

The new banknote was put into circulation on June 30.

The Russian financial regulator has unveiled a new design of a 100-ruble banknote.

The new banknote will be put into circulation from June 30, 2022.

This is stated on the official website of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

The banknote is dedicated to Moscow and the Central Federal District.

On its front side there is a fragment of the Spasskaya Tower of the Kremlin. The Rzhevsky Memorial to the Soviet Soldier is placed on the reverse side.

The paper of the new bill is protected by special fibers of two types.

The banknotes will gradually enter circulation. The banknotes of the 1997 model will be used in parallel, including with the modifications of 2001 and 2004.

Earlier, topNews wrote that the media told how the regulator will begin to control all money transfers of Russians.

The new rules came into effect on January 1.

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Zelensky’s adviser called the shocking amount needed to restore Ukraine

Zelensky's adviser called the shocking amount needed to restore Ukraine

The comment was given by Oleg Ustenko.

According to Oleg Ustenko, adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on economic issues, the country will need a huge amount of money to restore the economy and infrastructure.

For these purposes, it will take about a trillion dollars.

He estimated Ukraine’s direct losses from the SVO at $650 billion.

If indirect damage is added to this figure, the amount will grow to $1 trillion.

“We need these sums”, – said on TV.

He estimated this amount at five annual GDP of Ukraine, noting that in 2021 this figure amounted to a maximum of $ 200 billion.

At the moment, Kiev receives grants of about $ 5 billion every month.

Prior to that, Zelensky cited the amount of $ 600 billion needed to restore the economy and infrastructure of Ukraine.

Earlier, topNews wrote that Zelensky’s representative stated his desire to return Crimea by military means.

It turned out that Kiev has changed its approach to the issue of the return of the peninsula.


Media: China has reduced the supply of goods to Russia by almost 40%

Mass media: China has reduced the supply of goods to Russia by almost 40%

After the start of the SVO, exports to Russia from China fell sharply.

After the start of ITS, there was a sharp decline in exports of goods from China to Russia.

At the same time, the Chinese authorities did not support Western sanctions against Moscow.

The reduction of exports to Russia is reported in a study by scientists at the Peterson Institute of World Economy (Washington).

At the same time, there is a record increase in hydrocarbon imports from Russia to China.

Thus, after the start of the SVO, China became the second after the EU in terms of reducing the expert in the Russian Federation.

Experts are sure that the situation with China is connected with Beijing’s unwillingness to fall under secondary Western sanctions and drew attention to the risks of violating the expert’s control.

In total, China’s exports to Russia decreased by 38% compared to the second half of 2021.

This corresponds to the average of countries that have not joined the anti-Russian sanctions.

Earlier, topNews wrote that China has banned Russian “Boeing” from flying through its territory.

At the same time, the media reported possible problems with Aliexpress.