The Washington Post: The United States demanded from Ukraine a report on the billions received

The Washington Post: The USA demanded from Ukraine a report on the billions received

The publication reports that Kiev needs at least $3 billion every month.

During their visit to Ukraine, Pentagon and State Department officials warned the Kiev authorities that they would have to account for several billion dollars received as military aid.

According to The Washington Post, the warning was received in connection with corruption in Ukraine, which has been manifested over the past ten years.

As the media quotes the warning, it sounded like: “Be ready to account for everything we give you. And keep fighting corruption”.

State Department spokeswoman Diana Shaw explained to reporters that during the meeting with the Kiev leadership, all the expectations of US taxpayers were conveyed directly to the Ukrainian authorities, and concerned transparency and accountability of both the aid received and how it was disposed of.

The publication notes that, despite the work carried out by Kiev to reduce the budget deficit, Ukraine still needs financing at least once a month.

According to the deputy head of the Ministry of Finance of the country Olga Zykova, the amount that should be received 12 times a year is $ 3 billion. It is known that the US and the EU are ready to issue $30 billion for 2023.

Zykova said that the need for another $10 billion remains, and the authorities are counting on help from other countries and international banks, including the IMF.

As WP clarifies, by mid-January, the total amount of assistance provided to Ukraine from the EU amounted to 49 billion euros, on preferential terms, the country will receive another 18 billion. The volume of military aid in monetary terms amounted to 10 billion euros.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that the US administration announced the supply of tanks to Ukraine under contracts with manufacturers. According to US President Biden, a battalion of 31 M1 Abrams will arrive in Ukraine.


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