Media: big business in Russia did not discount the “gift” to Putin

Mass media: big business in Russia did not discount a

The authorities “planned to please” the president already in early spring.

It became known about the implementation of the project with voluntary contributions to the budget of Russia from the business community. According to the media, entrepreneurs refused to make such contributions, which have already been called a “gift” for Vladimir Putin in the media.

In an interview with RBC, Alexander Shokhin, head of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP), said that companies in Russia had been discussing the idea proposed by Finance Minister Anton Siluanov for two months.

According to the expert, it will be unrealistic to implement the idea in a business environment in 2022-2023. For some business sectors in Russia, the MET rate has already been increased.

The expert also called as obstacles to voluntary contributions to the budget and procedures within companies. For example, meetings of shareholders.

The Bell, recognized as a foreign agent, reported on the demand of the Russian authorities in 2022 for large businesses to pay 200 billion rubles to the country’s budget once. Allegedly, then the officials demanded twice as much, but the business reduced the amount.

According to the plans of presidential aide Maxim Oreshkin, payments will be made by the spring of 2023, and this will allegedly be a “gift to Putin.” Then the authorities referred to the fact that the financial indicators of the companies were quite good, many were strongly in the black.

According to Shokhin, the whole favorable situation for Russian business ended with the beginning of the special operation in Ukraine. First of all, the companies have lost the largest sales market – Europe.

Analysts recalled that the budget of Russia by January 2023 reached 1.8 trillion rubles. And this is half of the total deficit for last year – 3.3 trillion rubles.

Experts add that a voluntary contribution is still not a tax in the full sense of the word. It concerns large companies with excess profits – for example, metallurgists, the pharmaceutical industry, etc. The strategy of the state is now to collect more money from them, and medium and small businesses will not be affected by such an innovation.

As Topnews wrote earlier, Europe in the summer of 2022 reported multibillion-dollar losses from the absence of tourists from Russia. Due to difficulties with flights, sanctions, Russians refused to rest abroad.

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