The billionaire gave advice to Russians how to survive in retirement

Billionaire gave advice to Russians how to survive in retirement

The businessman named a way in which Russian pensioners can secure a decent old age.

Russian billionaire Alexander Sharapov told how to survive in retirement in our country.

According to the businessman, you can ensure your life in old age by buying a so-called pension one-bedroom apartment.

In an interview he said that otherwise it is difficult to save for retirement in Russia, and payments to this category are now small.

Explaining his position on “pension odnushka ”, he noted that such an apartment is easy to rent.

“Because either my children or my friends and acquaintances rented such housing ”, – the merchant is sure.

He called buying an apartment to rent it out a popular tool, for example, in China, India, Brazil.

In these countries, according to the entrepreneur, stock markets and life insurance are poorly developed.

Sharapov noted that housing prices will continue to rise in Russia, and the ruble will become cheaper, while real estate is able to protect against inflation due to growth ahead of schedule in the long term.

“I don’t expect any pullback in prices [for real estate] in Russia, ”, – said the billionaire.

Earlier, topNews wrote that the deputy of the Moscow City Duma said that pensioners need to ask for help from children.

Scandalous words were noted by Natalia Metlina.


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