In the US, they said that it could “guaranteed” destroy the Nord Stream-2

In the USA they said that it can “guaranteed” destroy “Nord Stream-2”

A Bloomberg columnist told what could lead to a stop of gas transit through the pipeline.

In the USA, they told in which case the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline is threatened with destruction.

Columnist Leonid Bershidsky writes about this in a Bloomberg article.

According to him, the transit of fuel through the pipeline will be stopped if Russia fully invades the territory of Ukraine.

As a result, according to the publicist, the project will be completely stopped.

“”Nord Stream-2″ will certainly be destroyed if Russia undertakes a full-scale offensive against Ukraine”, – the journalist noted.

He suggested that Russia’s smaller operation is capable of shifting the date of the start of gas transit, and Washington will certainly use this to win rem to get arguments in favor of stopping the gas pipeline.

At the same time, Bershidsky believes that today the United States has almost lost the battle with the Russian gas pipeline, and Moscow plans to unleash a war because of its interest in economic cooperation with the EU.

Earlier, topNews wrote that, according to media reports, Germany may close Nord Stream-2 forever.

Journalists noted that this could happen on May 9.


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