Mass media: Belarus blocked Poland’s oil

Mass media: Belarus blocked Poland's oil

Minsk explained the stoppage of fuel pumping through Druzhba by an accident on an oil pipeline.

The official representative of Transneft, Igor Demin, told the media that the Belarusian Gomeltransneft, which acts as the operator of pumping oil to Poland via the Druzhba oil pipeline, has stopped supplying fuel since November 16.

So far, only three days have been reported for which the transfer has been stopped.

According to TASS, the official reason for the suspension of fuel supply was explained by the fact that an unscheduled repair is being carried out on one of the pipeline branches.

Also, according to Demin, there were no changes in the plans for pumping for a month.

It is known that according to GP “Druzhba ” oil is supplied to oil refineries in Belarus, from where fuel is supplied to Europe.

The friendship begins in the Samara region of Russia, then it passes to the Bryansk region and then, along different branches, goes to Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania and Latvia.

Recall that “planned repairs” began against the background of the political crisis in relations between Poland and Belarus, which was caused by the migrant crisis on the border of the two states.

Thus, according to Warsaw, there are 12,000 – 15 00 refugees from Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries of the Middle East on the territory of the neighboring country.

According to media reports, about 4,000 people gathered at the border itself.

As Topnews wrote earlier, the President of Belarus has already warned that Europe could block the Yamal gas pipeline if the European Union decides to introduce new restrictive measures against his country.

Commenting on Lukashenka’s intentions, Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed hope that it would not come to that and promised to talk with his Belarusian counterpart.


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