Germany has suspended the certification of Nord Stream-2

Germany has suspended the certification of Nord Stream 2

The situation was commented on by the German Ministry of Energy, as well as eco-activists.

Germany has suspended the certification process of Nord Stream – 2 due to the re-registration of the organizational structure of the project.

This was reported by the German regulator BNetzA.

According to the regulator, it is planned to create a subsidiary company for the highway located in Germany. The created branch will become the owner and operator of a part of the water pipeline.

Only if the law firm changes in accordance with German law, it is possible to resume the certification process of the Nord Stream 2 operator.

If all conditions are met, the process will be resumed and will take about four months

This decision caused a sharp increase in gas prices to $ 1,029 per thousand cubic meters.

At the same time, the value of Gazprom’s shares on the Moscow Stock Exchange dropped to 331.61 rubles, which was 2% of the value of the last transaction.

Commenting on the situation, the German Ministry of Energy said that the suspension of certification will not affect the energy security of Germany.

As explained by Susanna Ungrad (representative of the German Ministry of Energy), the case is solely about the rights of economic entities. And the process, according to her, will be resumed immediately after the provision of all necessary documents from Gazprom.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that on May 9, Germany could close Nord Stream 2 forever.


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