Experts have revealed why Ukraine is coming out of the blackout so quickly after missile strikes

Experts have revealed why Ukraine is coming out of the blackout so quickly after missile strikes

The other day in Kiev, they complained about a massive attack aimed at destroying the power system, but then Zelensky announced its restoration.

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation recently launched a massive missile attack on the energy infrastructure of Ukraine.

On November 15, the most powerful attack on power generation facilities and transmission systems took place.

According to the Ukrainian Interior Minister Denis Monastyrsky, more than 30 infrastructure facilities of Ukraine were damaged, but the next day the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky announced the restoration.

According to him, on November 16, the supply of eight million consumers was restored, while 10 million people remained without electricity.

However, experts are skeptical about the statements of the Ukrainian authorities, noting that residents of Ukraine still face a rolling blackout and live according to schedule, and this has been happening for more than a month.

Nevertheless, the country’s railways are working, and the APU always have access to electricity.

Analysts explain this by the fact that Ukraine has a large margin of safety of the energy system, so the destruction of several substations allows you to switch to the mode of transferring capacity flows through other facilities.

However, with each attack, such opportunities are becoming less and less.

After a missile strike, it may turn out that not the entire substation is out of order, and due to the parallelization of systems at energy facilities, it allows you to resume supply through other lines even when transformers are destroyed.

As “Notepad” writes with reference to Ukrainian analyst Yuriy Korolchuk, the situation is affected by the weakening of the power system with each attack, lack of equipment for repair and high consumption in the central region of Ukraine.

At the moment, only one of the 4 large transformers in the Kiev energy market has remained intact.

At the same time, with the cooling, according to Korolchuk, it will become much more difficult to restore, and electricity consumption will increase by at least 10%.

“If there is no electricity most of the day (18 hours out of 24), the heating system is unlikely to be able to work normally, ”, – he is sure.

The expert suggested that the Kiev authorities may raise the topic of evacuation of residents.

Earlier, topNews wrote that a military expert revealed the reasons for a massive missile strike by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation on Ukraine.

According to the expert, the attacks are in the nature of finishing.


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