” Everything lives, everything works”: Peskov said that business assistance in Russia is not needed now

 & ldquo;Everything lives, everything works”: Peskov said that business assistance in Russia is not needed now

Peskov named the main topics that will be discussed in a direct line with Putin.

Tomorrow, on June 30, a direct line with Vladimir Putin will be held in the capital’s World Trade Center.

According to the new rules introduced due to the aggravated epidemiological situation in the country, everyone who wants to ask a question will act as an operator and a journalist for himself. All the videos taken in the special offer immediately fall into the Center.

On the eve of the direct line, press Secretary Dmitry Peskov spoke about the main events both in world politics and in the country.

In particular, Peskov explained that the president of the country, although he held all meetings during the pandemic since 2020, it is difficult to call such a mode of work remote by video link.

He explained that Putin had been in the thick of events 24 hours a day during all this time. Moreover, this format of work has been preserved even after vaccination against coronavirus, since the head of state observes precautionary measures and takes care of his safety.

Regarding the latest order of the country’s authorities on vaccination, Peskov explained that this process in Russia is voluntary and Putin will explain this topic in more detail during the direct line.

As Peskov explained, a cook, for example, must have a sanitary book, while he has the right to choose not to work in his specialty. The same principle applies to vaccination: anyone who wants to work with people will have to get vaccinated.

For himself, Peskov decided to get vaccinated against COVID-19, despite the fact that he has already had an infection and has antibodies and acquired immunity. Nevertheless, he decided to get vaccinated in order to experience the fullness of freedom and not face restrictions.

As Peskov stressed, it is the coronavirus and everything related to it that will be the main topic of discussion this year on a direct line with Putin.

& #8220;A huge block of questions related to covid”, & #8211; he added.

Meanwhile, against the background of the latest provocative actions of the NATO bloc countries, especially in the Black Sea, and subsequent verbal threats, as Peskov noted, Putin will be ready to use any measures to protect the country and its citizens.

However, it is better not to talk about such bad scenarios as the opening of fire on NATO ships, as Peskov stressed.

 & #8220;Let’s not even talk about such scenarios… But it seems to me that we all need to know one thing, as Russians: our president is always ready to do everything to protect our country, if necessary,”, – said Peskov, explaining that “sometimes words materialize, God forbid, so you don’t even need to think or talk about it.”.

Naturally, the issue of Navalny’s FBK* was raised, which was liquidated by a court decision. In particular, Peskov explained that he does not consider such measures to be repressions at all.

& #8220;This is absolutely not repression. Extremist organizations should be called this way”, – he said.

About the reasons for the recognition of the FCB as an extremist organization, Peskov explained that all the details are described in the court decision, but the fact that this organization called people to violate the law …to lawlessness ” is a clear precedent.

As for the crisis due to the pandemic in small and medium-sized businesses, as Peskov explained, Russia is showing positive dynamics in the economy and is already beginning to get out of the crisis, and people on the ground feel it.

& #8220;Now the economy is working. Yes, the difficulties continue, they continue, like after an earthquake, aftershocks. This also continues in the economy, but nevertheless the situation is different — everyone lives, everything works, has problems, but it no longer requires such massive assistance, ” Peskov said.

The representative of the President noted that in the current conditions, domestic business should behave responsibly and focus on domestic investment.

He also expressed the opinion that since the current situation is different from the one that was last year during the lockdown, business does not need help.

Peskov also noted that targeted assistance to businesses and poor segments of the population has proven its effectiveness, in contrast to fan-based assistance and “giving money away for nothing”.

*The Anti-Corruption Fund was included by the Ministry of Justice in the list of organizations performing the functions of a foreign agent and recognized as an extremist organization banned in Russia

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