Mass media: Russia is preparing a new pension reform

 Mass media: a new pension reform is being prepared in Russia

Kommersant: the main goal is to ensure regular payment of pensions.

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation, together with the main non-state pension funds of NPFs, having set out to encourage Russians to participate more actively in the accumulative system, have prepared a new pension reform.

According to Kommersant, it is assumed that the current accumulative part of pension payments will be transformed into a system of non-state pension provision. And the NGO, in turn, will complement the existing similar mechanism.

According to media reports, the Central Bank is going to transform the system, despite the failures of early projects, such as individual pension capital and a guaranteed pension plan.

According to the deputy head of the Bank of Russia Viktor Chistyukhin, insured Russians will be able to dispose of their money as “property”, fully.

Recall that now the pension savings that employers have transferred until 2014 are managed by the GUK of VEB, or by the NPF chosen by a citizen.

However, according to media reports, non-state funds themselves want that the new system should standardize the rules that the Central Bank will establish on behalf of the state.

In addition, according to the project, future pensioners will be offered benefits that would encourage them to actively participate in the formation of payments. For example, tax deductions of 6% of total income.

Also, judging by the information of & # 8220;Kommersant”, it is likely that the new system will have an option of self-replenishment of accounts, without involving employers as intermediaries.

As the main goal of the next reform, the authors indicate the provision of regular pension payments, which will provide an opportunity for early payment of it.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that it became known which of the Russians receives 446,000 rubles.


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