Daily Mail: The UK found itself in the “power of Putin” after the closure of a gas storage facility in Yorkshire

Daily Mail: The UK found itself in

The British readers of the publication, who are “ashamed” of the country, stood up for Russia.

The British edition of the Daily Mail states that the UK has become dependent on Russia after a gas storage facility in Yorkshire was closed.

The authors of the material believe that the orientation of the authorities to import fuel instead of the decision to develop energy production in their country led to such a situation. And now the British depend on Vladimir Putin’s decisions.

According to RIA Novosti, the UK is among the leaders of the European gas crisis, as the level of its consumption in the country is high.  Against the background of a reduction in production at fields in the Northern and Irish Seas, the country is forced to purchase it from other states.

According to experts, energy vulnerability only increases from the supply chain “just in time ” by sea and pipelines, instead of shale gas production in Britain itself.

Four years ago, the last gas storage facility in Yorkshire was closed, which led to a sharp increase in gas prices. As a result, residents will have a difficult winter, because against the background of a shortage of blue fuel, it is extremely expensive.

The rise in prices was provoked by the reorientation to the Asian market, which inflated them above the European ones. And gas storage facilities in the country itself are poorly filled.

The publication also believes that the government of the country will have to make a difficult choice: to keep the growth of tariffs or allow suppliers to increase them.

In this situation, the Daily Express edition notices a political background. It considers the words of Russian experts about the Nord Stream-2 to be a kind of signal sent by Moscow.

According to journalist Jacob Paul, it is the Kremlin that is responsible for the rise in electricity prices in the EU and Britain. And he calls it hardly blackmail on the part of Russia to get a certificate for “SP-2”.

However, readers stood up for Russia Daily Mail. They were ironically accused by Moscow of deliberately restricting the supply of blue fuel to Britain. In their opinion, it is customary to criticize Russia about and without.

So, according to PTFE98, the gas belongs to Russia, and it sets the price it wants. Some users said that the launch of the gas pipeline is being slowed down by bureaucrats from the US and the EU, and Russia has nothing to do with the price increase. And it was the US and Europe that used sanctions to slow down construction.

“Almost wrong, Russia is immediately to blame!”, “the USA was not going to sell gas to Europe… they export gas only a few months a year and import it in winter”, – they wrote.

User Leo Kassan believes that the EU should impose sanctions against the United States for interfering in the European energy market.

“It’s not about Putin, but about British eco-fanatics”, – concluded Leo Kassan.

Third users are sure that the British authorities, who made stupid decisions and did not plan anything in advance, should be responsible for the crisis. And now the British are “ashamed of their country”, as well as asking Russia for something.

Earlier Topnews wrote that the first line of “SP-2” has already begun to fill with gas.

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