The State Duma deputy revealed the essence of Gazprom’s agreement with Hungary with a precise phrase

The deputy of the State Duma with a phrase revealed the essence of the agreement

The media reported on the start of Russian gas supplies via the Balkan Stream.

The media reported on the beginning of gas transit to Hungary via the Balkan Stream.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Serbian Interior Minister and the Hungarian Foreign Minister.

Russian blue fuel will be sent bypassing Ukraine via the Turkish Stream and partly through Austria. At the same time, Budapest, commenting on Kiev’s claims, demanded that Ukraine not interfere in the internal affairs of the country.

Gazprom signed a contract with Hungary for the supply of 4.5 billion cubic meters per year last week. The term of the contract is – 15 years.

Against this background, State Duma deputy Alexander Sherin revealed the essence of Hungary’s gas supplies in one apt phrase during a dispute with Ukrainian blogger Sergei Zaporozhsky.

The incident occurred on the air of the project “Time will tell” on “ the first channel ”.

Thus, Zaporizhia stated that it was impractical to supply gas to Hungary via the Balkan route. Thus, he explained the bias of the Hungarians and Gazprom in order to harm Ukraine, as they think in Kiev.

To this, Sherin pointed out to his opponent something that he did not attach importance to.

“Sergey, don’t you know that sometimes it’s cheaper to go around the traffic police post?” – he asked the interlocutor.

The audience reacted to the comment of the State Duma deputy with stormy applause.

In turn, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said that Budapest does not take into account Kiev’s opinion on gas supplies.

According to him, if the country needs gas, then the opinion of Ukrainians, whom Hungary treats with respect, can be ignored.

“We need gas. This is reality. You have to negotiate with the Russians. Unfortunately, we cannot take into account the point of view of Ukrainians. I respect Ukraine and wish the Ukrainian people great success. However, on the gas front, I need to meet the interests of the Hungarian people, not the Ukrainian one. – Orban noted.

Earlier, topNews wrote that, according to the expert, Poland’s lawsuit against Gazprom led to a sharp increase in gas prices in Europe. It is reported that the company was forced to pay $3 billion.


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