The Parliament announced a “pirate” way to stop the Nord Stream-2

 The Parliament announced the

Deputy Oleg Voloshin predicted further events after the” conflict ” of the United States and Germany.

The deputy of the Ukrainian Rada Oleg Voloshin told the media that the country can count on only one real way to block the Nord Stream -2 gas pipeline.

Speaking on the NewsOne TV channel, the politician focused on the fact that it is possible to achieve success in this only if there is a huge gap between the United States and Germany.

He explained that the United States will have to “fight hard” with Berlin, and simultaneously punish German companies with sanctions.

However, these restrictions should be extraterritorial in nature, since Berlin’s behavior does not directly affect the interests of the United States.

& #8220;We don’t like it, that’s why we are punishing you, ” Voloshin voiced this position.

He also suggested that such a scenario would have serious consequences for the entire European community, because the United States would demonstrate the possibility of repeating it with another country.

If America does not like what is happening in France or Italy, then it is able to do the same.

“This is pure piracy,” the deputy believes.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that the Ukrainian president called & #8220;joint venture-2” “flash piano & #8221; in the hands of Russia.


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