The Communist Party of the Russian Federation has submitted to the State Duma a draft on the return of the previous retirement age

 The Communist Party of the Russian Federation has submitted to the State Duma a draft on the return of the previous retirement age

The explanatory note to the document mentions the old age threshold.

A group of Communist Party deputies in the State Duma and parliamentarian Vasily Ikonnikov sent a draft to the State Duma on the return of the previous retirement age.

According to the idea of the authors of the document, the changes should come into force on January 1 next year.

According to TASS, the text of the document declares the return of the age of appointment of an old-age insurance pension for men & #8211; at 60 years, women & #8211; 55.

The authors believe that the increase in the retirement age, which was announced in 2018, was not necessary, but it is necessary to improve the mechanism of the pension system itself in terms of financial support. For example, the developers offer to replenish it with the help of new taxes.

The document says that Russia does not need an increase in workers, especially since citizens who are in the pre-retirement age report a deterioration in their health. In addition, since 2018, the burden on the Social Insurance Fund has been growing.

The document states that the higher the retirement age, the more Russians will ask for disability.

In addition, according to the explanatory note to the document, if the age does not return to its previous course, the risk of unemployed young people will increase.

Recall that at the beginning of the summer, the State Duma Committee on Labor said that the increase in the retirement age and the reduction in the amount of payments are not discussed. Thus, the head of the committee, Yaroslav Nilov, said that the pension reform of 2018 is in a transitional stage.

A member of the labor Committee Mikhail Tarasenko focused on the dependence of the retirement age on labor productivity.

He noted that, most likely, it will be necessary not to raise the age, but to think in the opposite direction. The reason is the excess labor force that will arise due to robotization and automation of production.

As Topnews wrote, back in April of this year, the FIU reminded that some Russians will be able to retire early, already in 2021. So, such a right can be used by Russians who were born in 1965 and are mothers of four children.

In addition, from 2023, Russian women & # 8211; mothers of three children who were engaged in their upbringing until the age of eight will be able to retire at 57.

Russians who have given birth to at least five children will be able to go on vacation at 50.

Also, an early pension can be assigned to Russians with work experience of men & #8211; 42 years, women & #8211; 37. And residents of the Far North have received the right to early retirement, for them the age comes 5 years earlier than the general rules, if they have at least 15 years of work experience.

Finally, one of the parents can retire early in those families where there is a disabled child who has not reached the age of eight, as well as Russians who have been guardians of disabled people since childhood.


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