The British media predicted a “stab in the back” from the West to Ukraine in the winter

The British media predicted Ukraine in the winter

The situation is influenced by rising prices.

The West can stab Ukraine in the back.

According to journalist Simon Tisdall, this could happen this winter due to rising energy and food prices.

He wrote about this in an article for the British edition of The Guardian.

According to him, now society is outraged by the situation in Ukraine, but feelings such as anxiety and panic due to rising prices are following.

“Now an uncomfortable, even disturbing question arises: should Ukrainians prepare for a stab in the back this winter?” – a journalist is interested.

He emphasizes that due to rising prices, doubts about the resilience of the West appear.

The observer also criticized the statement of the British Foreign Minister Liz Truss, who said that the Russian Federation should withdraw from Crimea to the borders before 2014.

He called Truss a crazy generalissimo, pointing to her words about pushing back Russia.

“Who is “we”? You and whose army?” – interested in Simon Tisdall.

Earlier, topNews wrote that Zelensky demanded that the West close the entry for all citizens of the Russian Federation.

According to the Ukrainian president, it is necessary to take new measures against Russians.

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