In the coming days, meat, sausage and semi-finished products will rise in price in Russia

Meat, sausage and semi-finished products will rise in price in Russia in the coming days

Pork ribs, beef tenderloin and ready-made products will increase in price more than others.

More than a dozen of the largest Russian companies engaged in the production of meat products have announced that their products will increase in price by 7-20%.

The jump will occur in late October – early November of this year.

Among the goods whose prices will rise, there are sausages, sausages, meat semi-finished products and a number of others.

As reported by “Izvestia ” with reference to representatives of large retail chains, the reason for the increase in the cost of products was the rise in price of raw materials, packaging, egg melange, as well as detergents.

As for the level of price increase, ready-made meat products will increase in price more than others, for example, sausages, salami, meatballs, chicken cutlets and meatballs may become more expensive by 10%.

Meat and poultry producers are also predicting price increases.

Representatives of one of the major retail chains said that chicken carcasses can rise in price by 8% for one, fillets – by 7%, pork and beef – 10-20%.

The price of beef tenderloins and pork ribs will rise more than others.

However, the Ministry of Agriculture media said that a number of measures have already been taken to stabilize the situation. So, livestock enterprises will receive compensation for the purchase of feed, 10 billion rubles have been allocated for this.

As Topnews wrote earlier, in early August, experts allowed the introduction of a meat tax in Russia.


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