Media: On May 9, Germany may close the Nord Stream-2 forever

Media: On May 9, Germany may close

Analysts estimated the terms of consideration of the Russian application for certification.

Experts suggest that the unwillingness of the German authorities to give the green light may stand in the way of the launch of the Russian-German project “Nord Stream-2”.

According to analysts of the publication “Free Press” with reference to Spglobal, the certification of the gas pipeline may not take place in the next six months.

According to the media, the application from the project operator by the German side, Bundesnetzagentur, was accepted back in September.

The deadline for the launch and access of blue fuel comes on January 8. And if the German side does not allow the start before that time, the European Commission will get a chance for another two months for additional consideration of the Russian application, and then the German regulator may delay it for the same period.

The Polish NK PGNiG, which actively opposes SP-2, is able to prevent the start of the gas pipeline before January 8.

Thus, the final decision on the Nord Stream-2 can be announced by the German side on May 8.

It is known, as the media notes, that the victory over the Third Reich is celebrated on this day. In Russia, due to the difference in time zones, the decision will be announced on May 9.

At the same time, Germany will not be to blame for this period: the summation of four and four months from the date of submission for certification sets exactly such a period.

As Topnews wrote earlier, Ukraine got a chance to delay the launch of the gas pipeline for two months.


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