Bloomberg: Russia wins oil standoff despite sanctions

Bloomberg: Russia wins oil standoff despite sanctions

American analysts called Russia the winner in the energy confrontation.

Russia is winning the confrontation in the oil market.

This opinion was voiced in his article for Bloomberg by columnist Javier Blas.

According to him, this fact is obvious with any approach.

For example, the preferential position of Moscow is clearly evidenced by the volume of Russian oil production, which returned last month to the figures at the beginning of the year to about 10.8 million barrels per day.

“This is not a surge: July was the third consecutive month of recovery in oil production, – Blas said.

Also, according to him, the price of oil helps Moscow: at first, Russian raw materials had to be sold at large discounts, but now the price is recovering at higher values.

Thus, the expert concludes that the energy sanctions imposed against the Russian Federation do not work.

The indicators that Russia has achieved are political, not market-based.

For example, last spring the West was sure that OPEC would refuse to cooperate with Russia, but in the end everything turned out wrong.

The observer predicts an aggravation of the energy crisis in November, which will affect consumers.

According to the journalist, publicly Europe is still talking about the desire to abandon energy from Russia.

“Privately, they [European countries] must recognize the troubles that this position threatens to inflict on their economy, – Blas is sure.

He is sure that with the cold snap, the West will moderate its ardor in an effort to support Ukraine.

Earlier, topNews wrote that Bloomberg wrote that anti-Russian sanctions have dealt another blow to energy security in Europe.

Journalists pointed to the aggravation of the situation in the Old World.


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