German politicians beg the German authorities to launch Nord Stream 2

German politicians are begging the German authorities to launch

Chancellor Scholz calls on Russia to take the turbine.

Local political parties in Germany, in an interview with the media, explained the consequences of the complete refusal to use Nord Stream-2.

According to their words, the local newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, this will lead to serious consequences for the economy. The only way out that politicians from the region see is the launch of the Russian-German gas pipeline. The rise in energy prices affects not only industry, but also ordinary households, they believe.

According to Frank Bommert, deputy head of the CDU parliamentary group in Brandenburg, otherwise the authorities face popular uprisings. He noted that he saw pure horror on the faces of citizens from Oranienburg and other agricultural districts in eastern Germany.

He pointed out that this is where the real “combustible substance ” is located.

At some point, people will take to the streets,” the deputy said.

The co-chairman of the Alternative for Germany party, Timo Marshall, demands from the German authorities the lifting of anti-Russian sanctions and the immediate launch of SP-2. A petition has been launched from the party “Finally launch ”.

His colleague Baum believes that the Germans should be happy to get cheap Russian gas and such reliable supplies.

The opening of the gas pipeline is demanded by representatives of various political parties, including the AdG and the Left Party.

At the same time, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz called on Russia to pick up the turbocharger, which was under repair in Canada and was intended for Nord Stream. And then continue gas supplies.

“Take her away. She is here,” Scholz said in direct text in Berlin.

As Topnews wrote, Canada’s decision to repair brought the authorities in Kiev to hysteria.

And the Russian embassy reported that the delivery to Germany of a turbocharger for the Nord Stream pipeline does not meet the terms of the contract.


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