The Czech Republic named the culprits of the gas crisis in the EU

The Czech Republic named the perpetrators of the gas crisis in the EU

Europe is facing two threats before the onset of winter.

According to Czech journalist Vladimir Piskacek, representatives of the European Commission have become very distant from people.

The result of this situation was the energy crisis allowed by the EU authorities.

Piskachek said that before the start of winter, Europe risks freezing due to lack of fuel and not finding the means to pay for it.

According to the publicist, this situation has not developed at all because of the cessation of supplies.

“Gas from Russia, apparently, comes as agreed, and no terrorist attacks have also occurred, ”, – he notes.

The journalist emphasizes that now the United States is refocusing on the supply of liquefied natural gas to the more expensive Asian market, and this plays a big role in the actions of the European Commission.

He pointed to the “chaotic approach” of European officials, which is veiled under the fight against climate change.

As a result, according to him, Europe will have to face the choice of paying for food or for heat. At the same time, Piskachek doubts that surcharges to consumers can improve the situation.

He accused officials in Europe of insolvency and pointed out the need to build green energy facilities.

Recall that in recent months, gas prices have skyrocketed in Europe.

Earlier, topNews wrote that Putin’s words brought down gas prices in the world.

The President of Russia declared his readiness to influence the prices of natural gas.


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