The country that has overtaken Russia in gas supplies to Europe has been named

The country that has overtaken Russia in gas supplies to Europe is named

Western media believe that Russia’s competitor is in no hurry to rush to the EU’s aid.

Western media state that in the coming winter Europe could count on gas from Norway, which managed to overtake Russia in terms of the amount of fuel supplied to EU countries.

However, according to Telegram, Oslo does not intend to sell fuel at low prices or offer a discount to EU countries that are not part of the union.

In 2022, Norway plans to produce 122 billion cubic meters of gas by the end of the year.

According to the head of the Ministry of Economy Terje Aasland in an interview with Reuters, the country will maintain the same level of production until 2030, relying, among other things, on the agreement with the EU on expanding cooperation in the field.

At the same time, Norwegian exports are not threatened by an increase in demand on the domestic market, since Norway relies on electricity coming from hydroelectric power plants inside the country.

Security agreements and an agreement with the EU, as well as large reserves of practically unused gas, make Norway a very reliable supplier, analysts say.

The country still supplies Europe with almost all of its gas (the western part of the continent) and 70% of its oil. 5 pipelines with an annual capacity of 130 billion cubic meters are working for this.

The obstacle is the unwillingness of Oslo to sell gas below market value, which is breaking records this year.

According to the Minister of Energy, it is necessary to remember the simple principle of the market: rising prices with a shortage stimulates the growth of production and guarantees the flow of gas to where it is needed.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that the Network revealed the author of the video in which Gazprom mocks Europe, which is in distress without fuel.

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