Mercedes-Benz concern announced its withdrawal from Russia

Mercedes-Benz Concern announced its withdrawal from Russia

The auto giant has already sold the Russian plant.

The Mercedes-Benz carmaker, which previously estimated its Russian assets at €2 billion, announced the closure of the deal to sell the Russian plant and leave the country.

So, as reported by Kommersant, the building previously owned by Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Rus, along with services and office, went to the Avtodom dealer.

The concern became the third company that previously produced passenger cars in the Russian Federation, which announced its withdrawal from the Russian market. Earlier, Renault and Nissan announced this, Toyota also closed the plant.

The publication reports that the anti-Russian sanctions of the United States and the European Union prohibit the supply of cars to the Russian Federation if their price exceeds € 50,000. Other measures make it impossible to supply components.

Experts report that it will not be easy to withdraw the company’s assets from Russia. Mercedes reported that because of the sanctions, they revised the work on the Russian car market, for which €709 million was spent, and €658 million was spent on the passenger car section.

It is known that the company built a plant for 25,000 cars in Esipovo, Moscow region three years ago, investing 19 billion rubles. In 2021, sales of the brand’s cars increased by 11%, 43,000 units were sold.

Only 9,100 pieces were sold this year. At the same time, the concern did not sell cars that were in warehouses because of sanctions.

The new owner, GC “Motorhome” – dealer for the sale of luxury cars, its owner – entrepreneur Andrey Olkhovsky. He said in an interview with the media that he was going to produce cars.

And in August of this year “Motorhome” announced negotiations with China in order to get an exclusive for the car distribution of new brands in the Russian Federation.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that the launch of the updated Moskvich brand was planned at the former Renault plant.

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