In the UK, they want to euthanize animals in the aquarium because of electricity bills

In the UK they want to euthanize animals in the aquarium because of electricity bills

Electricity bills have tripled.

Europe is having a hard time withstanding the gas crisis that has erupted due to the aggravation of relations with Russia.

As a result, the cost of electricity bills is rising in countries, and residents are being urged to save energy and not heat their homes.

The owners of the Sealife Zoo-aquarium in the UK can go to extreme measures. Philip Miller told ITV that electricity bills have risen from 240,000 to 750,000 pounds.

As Miller stated, he can no longer afford to pay for expenses. Many animals in winter will need a special temperature artificially lowered or increased for 24 hours a day.

“Because of this, the animals will either have to be euthanized or find another home for them, but all the other zoos were in the same situation,” Miller explained.

It simply won’t work to close the zoo, Miller admits.

Meanwhile, the French government is demanding that the National Railway Company try to reduce the number of trains running this winter – all to save electricity.

In Germany, opposition leader Friedrich Merz, in an interview with Bild, warned of a complete blackout in winter in the country – with the shutdown of the three remaining nuclear power plants.

He noted the existence of “the threat of complete overload of the power grid in autumn and winter and insufficient supply of electricity.”

Recall that Germany is the largest importer of Russian blue fuel.

As Topnews wrote earlier, Hungary set conditions for the EU countries and demanded that sanctions be lifted from a number of Russian entrepreneurs, including Alisher Usmanov. Otherwise, Hungary will block the package of sanctions against Russia.

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