What will change from September 1, 2021 in Russia: Russians were reminded of changes in the laws

 What will change from September 1, 2021 in Russia: Russians were reminded about changes in the laws

These included the “garage amnesty”, payments to pensioners and the military, and others.

From September 1, a number of changes in legislation will begin to take effect in the Russian Federation, including – one-time pension payments, holding a garage amnesty”, changes in the payment of sick leave for child care and others.

From September 1, 2021, a new subject will be introduced in schools

So, on the Day of Knowledge, Russian schoolchildren will get acquainted with the new educational rules, according to which it is impossible to conduct more than one control once every 2.5 weeks in each subject in one parallel.  A new subject – financial literacy has been introduced, but it will not be studied separately, but will be included in other lessons.

Payment of sick leave

Also, starting from September 1, the payment of sick leave for caring for children up to 7 years (inclusive) will change, the cost of which will increase to 100% of the average earnings, and the length of service of parents will not play a role.

The maximum payout per day this year is 2,434 rubles.

& #8220;Garage Amnesty”

Thanks to the garage amnesty starting from September 1, it is possible to register the land under the garage, as well as the garage itself in a simplified manner. Condition: the garage must be built before December 30, 2004.

Appeal of fines through Public Services

Since September 1, changes are also waiting for motorists who can appeal traffic police fines remotely, through State Services, and visiting the State Traffic Inspectorate or sending a letter has become unnecessary.

Changes in the rules of the road (SDA) from September 1

Also today, the change of the road sign 8.23 “Photovideofixation”, warning the driver about the camera, comes into force.

It was replaced by the sign 6.22 with the same designation, but not indicating the specific location of the camera. This sign only says that it is located nearby.

Sale of medicines

Already on September 1, pharmacies begin selling medicines according to simplified rules. Entrepreneurs who are engaged in this business do not need to have their own website and at least 10 points in Russia.

Note that we are talking only about medicines that are registered in Russia, which are sold without prescriptions.

Studying at universities

Students going to universities will now be able not to choose one, but to study in several qualification areas and change the faculty and profile after the 2nd year.

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Payments to pensioners

Payments to Russian pensioners in September: they will receive 10,000 rubles on a one-time basis, without submitting documents or requests for payment.

As Topnews wrote earlier, payments to the military will also begin to arrive in September. According to the decision of the President of the Russian Federation, they will receive 15,000 rubles each.

The reason is the growth of inflation this year.

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