What will change from January 1, 2023 in Russia: The media called the laws that came into force from the New Year

What will change from January 1, 2023 in Russia: The media called the laws that came into force from the New Year

It will be possible to lose a vehicle for dumping garbage.

By tradition, packages of new laws come into force in Russia on January 1 of the new year. In particular, the deputies tried to finalize the previous bills and make life easier for Russians from the first days of 2023.

The new bills, which entered into force on January 1, 2023, were reported by the Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper.

The term for the St. George ribbon

The deputies determined the procedure for using the St. George ribbon. It can be used during public celebrations dedicated to Victory Day or where the goal is to perpetuate the memory of Russian soldiers. They were allowed to wear it both at patriotic events and at “other” ones (which ones are not specified specifically).

The law does not describe how and on what you can wear a St. George ribbon. But the responsibility for the public desecration of the tape has been determined. I will punish the Russians as for the public desecration of other symbols of military glory of Russia.

The violator may face a fine of up to 3 million rubles or imprisonment for up to 3 years.

Innovations for judges

From January 1, 2023, several laws come into force that facilitate the process in court. For example, the judges were allowed to announce only the introductory and operative part of the verdict at the court session.

The procedure for holding court sessions of the first instance via videoconference is also prescribed. In a remote format, it will be possible to hold a meeting to choose a preventive measure for the detainee. The judge himself, the defendant, and his lawyers can ask for a similar format of the meeting.

Confiscation of trucks for illegal landfills

In Russia, from January 1, 2023, it was allowed to record on photos and videos the dumping of garbage from motorcycles, trucks in the wrong places. Cases will be initiated against violators, and they will also face confiscation of the vehicle.

The initiator of the bill was the authorities of the Moscow region, who suffer from landfills along roads and in the forest. Fines for ordinary citizens who throw garbage in the wrong places were raised in the summer of 2022.

With photo and video recording of the driver’s violation, as well as if he cannot prove that he was not driving, he will have to pay a large fine – up to 120 thousand rubles (from a legal entity).

Ministers in the regions will report on attempts of bribery

From January 1, 2023 in Russia, officials of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation will be required to inform the management of an attempt to bribe. Those who report an attempted corruption crime are promised state protection.

Apartment owners will find out who is registered with them

From January 1, 2023 in Russia, the owners of residential premises will be able to obtain data on those who are registered in their houses, apartments – permanently or temporarily.

According to the old laws, the owner can rent out his premises to citizens or organizations, but he cannot know who is registered there if the registered have not given consent.  As soon as the request for registration was received by the police, they passed the request to the registered person and he had to give consent.

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Housing transactions became a dangerous event – it was impossible to find out who was registered in the apartment. There were also problems when receiving an inheritance.

As Topnews wrote earlier, in October 2022, a bill was submitted to the State Duma, according to which it was proposed to exempt those who did not serve from mobilization.

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