The ruble exchange rate collapsed a day before the New Year

The ruble exchange rate collapsed a day before the New Year

Analysts named three factors that influenced the fall of the Russian currency.

Analysts reported that on December 30, the last day of trading in 2021, trading on the Moscow Stock Exchange ended with the strongest fall in the ruble exchange rate to the lowest values since the end of November.

So, around two o’clock in the afternoon, 74.69 rubles were given for a dollar on the stock exchange, 84.51 for the euro. The maximum drop in relation to the main currencies was 74.87 (dollar) and 84.66 rubles (euro).

As reported by “Feed.” with reference to the data of the platform and analysts, the pressure on the Russian currency is exerted by inflation, which cannot be finally contained, despite all the efforts that the authorities are making.

So, on December 29, Rosstat reported that its level will be about 8.39%.

The second factor was the stop in the growth of oil quotes, which supported the Russian ruble. At the moment, they are frozen at less than $ 80 per Brent grade.

The third factor was the speed of the spread of the coronavirus omicron, which makes the holders of investments who seek to transfer their funds into protective assets nervous.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that analysts predicted how the exchange rate of the Russian currency would change by the end of the year.

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