The political scientist told what will happen in the Crimea with water after the change of power in Ukraine

The political scientist told what will happen in the Crimea with water after the change of power in UkraineResidents of the Baltic States, Ukraine and the United States reacted to the filling of the North Crimean Canal with water.

Against the background of filling the North Crimean Canal with water and the beginning of the supply of this resource to the inhabitants of the peninsula after the water blockade started by Ukraine, netizens began to share comments about their attitude to the situation.

In the comments to the video of blogger Igor Korsakov, who told on his YouTube channel about filling the North Crimean Channel, users began to share their opinion about the situation.

Many shared their joy for the Crimeans.

Among those who expressed their support for the residents of the Russian peninsula, there were not only Russians, but also Balts, Americans and even Ukrainians,

& # 8220;Well done & #8221;, & #8211; writes Alexander from Zaporozhye.

The brothers from Belarus wished prosperity to the Crimea.

& #8220;Let your spiteful followers burst with anger! Good luck to you and your loved ones!” & #8211; writes Rim Rim.

& #8220;Greetings from Vilnius! & #8230; How I like to admire the water surface of the reservoirs!” – Irina Jegorova is happy.

The residents of the United States shared their emotions.

“Greetings from Florida. Crimea is very beautiful and worth fighting for”, – supports Awdas.

Against this background, political scientist Mikhail Pogrebinsky said that in the event of the resignation of the ruling party in Ukraine, Crimea is waiting for the inevitable consequences.

In his opinion, in this case, the Verkhovna Rada, most likely, will want to strengthen the water blockade of the Crimea, which may prevent the commissioning of the understudies of the North Crimean Canal.

The political strategist suggested that by the time of the beginning of the elections in Ukraine or the possible overthrow of the president, Moscow will be able to find an alternative source of water resources, so the alleged measures of Ukraine will not make sense.

“This is indisputable, because the Crimeans need to live somehow, and the issue of water is acute ”, & #8211; quotes Pogrebinsky NBN.

The expert is confident that such plans will still be implemented, including the end of the regime of Vladimir Zelensky.

Earlier, topNews wrote that Minsk explained why Belarus does not recognize Crimea as Russian.

According to the official representative of the Republic of Belarus, the issue is compliance with the Minsk agreements.


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