The political scientist advised Ukraine to prepare to “crawl on its knees” to Russia for gas

The political scientist advised Ukraine to

The expert is sure that Ukrainians can remain without natural gas even if part of the transit is preserved.

The issue of the probable termination of gas transit through the territory of Ukraine in connection with the launch of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline has long been a sore topic for the political leadership of Nezalezhnaya.

Against this background, political scientist Dmitry Korneychuk shared his opinion about the prospects for the development of Ukraine due to the possible termination of gas supply through Ukrainian territory.

In an interview on the NewsOne channel, he admitted that there may be a gas shortage in Ukraine. He recommended that Ukrainians “crawl on their knees” to the Russian Federation to get fuel.

The political scientist believes that Ukrainians risk being left without natural gas, even if transit remains in the amount of 15-20 billion cubic meters.

According to Korneychuk, Ukraine has been buying gas through Europe for six years, but in fact it is an oversold Russian fuel.

“As a result, everything will end in a couple of years with such a thing: we will almost crawl on our knees to negotiate with Moscow to leave us at least some gas transit, ”, & # 8211; said the political scientist.

He stressed that Ukraine may be left without gas, but the official authorities do not talk about this and are blatantly deceiving.

According to the expert, in the event of a decrease in gas transit by Russia to the minimum values, Ukrainians will lose gas and the heating season.

Earlier, topNews wrote that the head of the Ministry of Natural Resources reported on oil and gas reserves in Russia.

He said how long these natural resources will last.


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