The media named 4 new taxes that are waiting for Russians in 2022

The media named 4 new taxes that are waiting for Russians in 2022

New taxes are expected to be introduced in Russia next year.

According to journalists, the tax burden of citizens in Russia will increase next year: due to changes in the Tax Code, four new fees are being introduced.

According to “RBC Investments”, the changes affected the methodology for calculating the tax on ruble deposits.

So, this year, citizens pay 13% tax on interest on deposits exceeding the Central Bank rate at the beginning of the year.  On January 1, 2021, the rate was 4.25%. With an estimated income from a deposit of 10%, the difference was 5.75%. Thus, from the income received, equivalent to a difference of 5.75%, a citizen will pay a tax of 13%.

A similar tax will need to be paid on the income from the deposit in foreign currency.

Pensioners will have to pay income tax on dividends on the deposit. The corresponding bill was submitted to the State Duma in 2021. At the same time, the tax assumes exemption from tax for non-working pensioners, but in the end the law was never adopted, so all pensioners will have to pay personal income tax on deposits.

In addition, income received in the form of interest on deposits in the bank, received not by inheritance, will also be taxed.

Earlier, topNews wrote that the NSF may refuse to declare 3-personal income tax. The lawyer commented on the situation.

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