The media called the reason for the searches in the houses associated with Deripaska

The media called the reason for the searches in the houses associated with Deripaska

NYT points to US sanctions that the Russian billionaire could have violated.

The New York Times, citing its sources, states that the reason for searches in the homes of Russian entrepreneur and billionaire Oleg Deripaska may be violations of US sanctions, which are being investigated by the FBI.

In turn, Bloomberg knows that last year European officials convinced the US authorities of Deripaska’s violation of the terms of the agreement concluded with Washington. According to him, part of the Russian’s companies were withdrawn from sanctions. But officials said that the influence of the Russian on the companies UC Rusal and EN+ Group International remained.

In addition, the billionaire, bypassing the agreements, used their resources to support the Kremlin’s political agenda.

To this, En+ and UC Rusal objected that the media data did not have a factual basis.

The New York Times clarifies that, in addition to the FBI, representatives of the Federal Prosecutor’s Office of the Southern District of New York joined the searches, but the department declined official comments.

And the FBI’s state department said only about conducting searches, but did not specify their reason.

As Topnews wrote earlier, on the eve it became known that the FBI is conducting searches in a mansion in Washington owned by an entrepreneur.

However, ABC News, citing its sources in the bureau, said that there were no accusations against the Russian.

Recall that searches are also carried out in the homes of the entrepreneur’s relatives.

“No charges have been brought against Deripaska”, – the American TV channel reports.

Later, a representative of Deripaska himself commented on what was happening to RIA “News ”. She clarified that the buildings searched by the police in Washington and New York do not belong to a businessman, but to his relatives and are carried out on the basis of warrants that are related to US sanctions.

She also previously told Forbes about the connection between sanctions and searches in buildings.

As for Deripaska’s agreements with the US authorities, they relate to sanctions that were imposed in 2018 against several of his companies.

At the same time, he was able to agree with the US Ministry of Finance that restrictive measures would be lifted from three companies, namely the En+ energy metallurgical group, the UC Rusal aluminum company and the Eurosibenergo energy company.

In response, the entrepreneur relinquished his control, and Deripaska’s share in them was reduced. At the moment, the Russian himself does not have the right to enter the United States.

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