The laying of the Power of Siberia – 2 gas pipeline to China caused panic in the West

The laying of the gas pipeline

Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak made a statement about the start of the construction of a gas pipeline to China.

The Russian gas project “Power of Siberia-2” has received its implementation in the near future.

According to the Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Alexander Novak, the relevant plans have been discussed for a long time, but due to the work on the Nord Stream-2, implementation did not come.

Now, due to the geopolitical situation and the suspension of full-scale gas pumping in the European direction, it was decided to develop the Siberian Force-2 or Siberian Force 2, which will compensate for the lost revenues of the SP-2.

It is reported that work on “The Power of Siberia-2 ” will begin in 2024, write InoSMI.

Part of the project will take place on Mongolian territory.

At the same time, the volume of gas supplies from Russia to Europe will decrease by 50 billion cubic meters, while supplies to China will increase from year to year, and this part of the supplies will be carried out by the Power of Siberia-1.

According to readers of the French edition of Le Figaro, the new energy strategy of the Russian Federation may negatively affect the situation in Europe.

So, a user with a nickname Yann believes that the measured life of Europeans has come to an end, since Europe will no longer be able to receive gas in the right quantities, and the resources of other gas producers Norway and Algeria will not be enough to fully provide European consumers.

Due to the lack of gas, wind turbines will not even be able to start, since gas generators are still required to support them.

“And in general, here’s what will happen: we will very soon find ourselves in a state of decline, which will probably mean the end of calm on our continent, the user notes.

Earlier, topNews wrote that last fall an explosion occurred at the Gazprom plant for the Power of Siberia.

The incident occurred in the Amur region.

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