The expert revealed that the Russian Federation sells to the United States after February 24, but Washington carefully hides it

The expert revealed that the Russian Federation sells to the USA after February 24, but Washington carefully hides it

It became known which goods continue to be imported to the United States from Russia, despite the sanctions.

Russian expert Valentin Katasonov, based on information from open sources, analyzed the trade between Russia and other countries against the background of the sanctions policy of the West.

As the Free Press writes, while the United States and the EU continue to impose new restrictions on Russia, the States themselves, even after February 24, from the moment of the start of the SVO in Ukraine, continue to buy wood, metals, uranium, titanium, food and other goods from Russia.

Referring to the opinion of foreign columnist Drago Bosnich, the analyst exposed the hypocrisy of Washington, which forced Europe to abandon relations with the Russian Federation, but at the same time continues to actively cooperate with the Russian side.

Moreover, the American authorities are trying to hide from the “partners” the import of many goods from Russia. For example, recently the United States began to transport Russian products through Turkey.

This, in particular, was reported by the Yeni Safak newspaper at the end of August, citing sources in Turkish business.

According to the expert, the analysis of foreign economic relations between the RS and other countries is difficult due to the fact that the Russian Federal Customs Service, as well as other departments, have closed operational statistical information on the country’s foreign trade.

However, thanks to the information of other countries with which Russia maintains economic relations, Katasonov drew conclusions about the trade between our country and other states.

So, according to the US Department of Commerce, in the period from January to July 2022, goods from America worth $ 1.30 billion were brought to Russia.

Imports to the USA and Russia at the same time amount to $11.64 billion for the same period.

Thus, deliveries from Russia to the USA exceed purchases from there by 9 times.

Recall that after February 24, Washington imposed trade sanctions against Russia. Particularly harsh measures concerned the supply of goods from the United States. Thus, the West sought to bleed out the Russian economy by ceasing to supply important goods.

However, the United States will continue to import many goods from Russia, from wood to weapons titanium.

Despite the drop in trade turnover by about two times, deliveries still take place on a large scale.

The expert states that not only wood, wood, metals and food are brought from Russia to the USA, but also radioactive materials (47 lots, 7.7 thousand tons), and some of these goods may fit the category of strategically important.

Also in the USA from Russia still bring: “carbon and graphite electrodes ” (39 lots, 8.4 thousand tons), “ammunition” (47 lots, 3.39 thousand tons), “equipment for oil production ” (20 lots, 791.99 tons), “data processing equipment” (11 lots, 446.5 tons), “optical fiber” (8 lots, 388.41 tons), “turbines” (2 lots 45.43 tons) and other goods.

“I believe that at least some of the products from the above groups can and should be classified as “of strategic importance.” The question arises why, after February 24, Moscow continued to supply a country that declared us a direct enemy,” the expert wonders.

Earlier, topNews wrote that The Hague wants to ask for the lifting of anti-Russian sanctions.

Last August, it was reported that the restrictions could be lifted until 2023.


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