The expert called the real value of the dollar

The expert called the real value of the dollar

Another expert told how much the American currency can cost without support measures in Russia.

Financial expert Jan Marcinski told about how the ruble exchange rate is formed, and what it depends on.

According to him, there are actually “several dollar rates ”.

At the same time, the exchange rate depends on the corridor set by officials from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

He told the radio about it “Komsomolskaya Pravda ”.

“The fact that they get some kind of coordination is another matter. But my personal opinion is that this is a completely established rate, and it still has nothing to do with the real exchange rate, which would be on the open market and at open auctions, the specialist said.

He noted that if the restrictions of the Russian financial regulator are lifted, a strong drawdown will begin, and the dollar may rise above 100 rubles.

Then the analyst expects the situation to normalize, as the EU will continue to buy gas in rubles.

Thus, the expert calls the level of 90-100 rubles as the real ruble exchange rate at the moment.

Against this background, currency strategist Brendan McKenna said that without support measures from the real dollar exchange rate is 180 rubles.

In an interview with Bloomberg journalists, he said that last April the ruble strengthened by 71% compared to March, when the dollar soared to 121 rubles.

As a result, thanks to emergency capital controls and other actions of the Russian authorities, the ruble strengthened.

At the same time, McKenna notes that the current dollar exchange rate does not show the real purchasing power of the ruble.

Earlier, topNews wrote that the expert told how much the dollar will cost after the May holidays.

It was also reported that exchangers are buying US dollars from Russians at a predatory rate.


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