Smartphone manufacturer Honor has stopped deliveries to Russia

Smartphone manufacturer Honor has stopped deliveries to Russia

There were no official statements from the company.

Information has appeared on the Web that the Chinese manufacturer of smartphones and other equipment Honor will not supply its gadgets and accessories to Russia. At the same time, the Chinese side has not officially stated this.

Vedomosti citing two sources, it is stated that Russian supplies of new Honor equipment were stopped back in March, almost at the beginning of Russia’s special operation in Ukraine and the introduction of new sanctions.

Now, as insiders clarify, the Chinese manufacturer is busy looking for partners in other post-Soviet countries, namely in Armenia and Georgia.

It is reported that similar agreements already exist with Uzbekistan. We are talking about using parallel imports to save supplies for Russian customers.

The very fact that Honor is intensively expanding its distribution network indicates the desire of the Chinese side to preserve the market, while reducing the sanctions risks.

According to experts, such a format of suppliers looks logical with general reinsurance, which is now used by Chinese companies.

The reason for the introduction of restrictions were problems with logistics, because now it has become difficult and expensive to import goods from China to Russia.

As the analysts of the publication explained, the lack of containers, the high cost of sea routes, the congestion of railways and the partial closure of border crossings affect.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that part of Samsung smartphones cannot be activated in Russia. This is reported by users.


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