Milokhin and Sobchak lying on the stage, a robot dog among the guests and a stand with the face of Christ: how is the SPIEF in 2021 going?

 Milokhin and Sobchak lying on the stage, a robot dog among the guests and a stand with the face of Christ: how is SPIEF going in 2021

Media and bloggers told the details of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in 2021.

The International Economic Forum-2021 has started its work in St. Petersburg. The event was the first major meeting of business representatives in the last one and a half & # 8220;covid & #8221; years.

One of the main topics of the forum was the issue of the global economic recovery after the COVID-19 situation.

It is expected that the business program will begin on June 3, 2021, and today there are “screenings” of creative business as part of the first day of the SPIEF.

Traditionally, the forum is held in the Expoforum Exhibition Center. Delegations from more than 100 countries are expected to attend the event. However, they will not include representatives from Washington, although representatives of the US Embassy will be at the SPIEF to assist representatives of American business.

Meanwhile, details of the work of the first day of the SPIEF began to appear on the Network. And journalists and media personalities are happy to upload creative footage from the event to the Network.

For example, the forum noticed a robot dog that runs among the guests. It is reported that the creator of the device was the company Unitree Robotics from China.

One of the SPIEF stands made a lot of noise on the Internet because of its appearance & # 8211; it is decorated with khokhloma, icons, as well as the face of Jesus Christ and the image of a priest." data-wpel-link="external" target="_blank" rel="nofollow external noopener noreferrer

The stand belongs to the International Agency for Sovereign Development (IASR), whose Supervisory Board is also headed by Konstantin Malofeev, Head of the Board of Directors of Tsargrad Group of Companies.

Meanwhile, SPIEF participants note that prices at the forum, despite the general global crisis associated with the pandemic, here “live their own separate life”.

So, TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak complained about the prices in the buffet, calling this place“the most important ” for discussions, in which“everything happens & #8221;.

The TV presenter published a picture of the menu, according to which anyone who wants to have lunch at the forum will have to pay 3800 rubles for five dishes at once.

& #8220;Prices [forum ticket] increased from 300 thousand to 900 for participants, and now you can only eat for 3800 per seat (a kind of “Swedish chair”). That is, you sit down at a table, just ordered green tea, and you still have 3800 with a snout like a bush, she said, adding that there are only four types of menu, which also does not sound very good.

In addition, Sobchak published a video in which she and the participants of one of the blocks are lying directly on the floor and pieces of furniture.

& #8220;It was the St. Petersburg Economic Forum”, & #8211; the TV presenter greeted the audience on camera to the laughter of the flash mob participants.

By the way, the company Sobchak in & #8220;rookery & #8221; was a well-known ticktoker Danya Milokhin, who to the surprise of many Internet users also became one of the speakers of the international forum.

By the way, in his speech, Milokhin, answering the question about the regulation of tiktok by the state, said that no one can regulate TikTok.

According to him, blogging is a free space in which “you can shoot whatever you want, whatever you find interesting.”

“No one can control your content,” – says Milokhin.

Earlier, topNews wrote that the founder of the cafe chain“AnderSon & #8221; told how she was offered to speak at the SPIEF for almost 1 million rubles.

SMI2 news

According to Anastasia Tatulova, the corresponding offer came to her from a high-ranking official.


The Network was outraged by a poll conducted by VTsIOM about the willingness of Russians to pay for the support of the poor by raising taxes

 The Network was outraged by the VTsIOM survey on the willingness of Russians to pay for support for the poor by raising taxes

Internet users discuss the results of the VTsIOM survey on support for the poor.

According to the results of the VTsIOM survey, most of our compatriots expressed their willingness to pay higher taxes in order to further provide state support to low-income citizens.

54% of the survey participants agreed to this option, with the reservation that support consists of providing a number of free services, including services in the field of security, education and health.

It is noted that among those who supported the tax increase, mostly people aged 60 and older.

28% of respondents chose the option with low taxes, which, according to them, will help each resident of the country to better manage their money.

83% of respondents expressed support for a progressive tax scale.

13% supported the same rate, regardless of income, writes RBC.

Netizens on the RIA Novosti website were violently outraged in the comments to the publication.

Many people are afraid that after the results of such surveys are announced, taxes will be raised again in the country at the request of workers.

& #8220;I do not know those who agree to pay more taxes, but the low-income, who constantly receive support from the state, are well known to everyone, Sechin, Miller, Usmanov, and so on…” – Dmitry Serov writes.

& #8220;Are these the same Russians who longed for an increase in the retirement age? Are they for a four-day working week (with a reduction in wages as a consequence)?”, & #8211; asks Axel Foley.

“I understand that this poll & #8211; is the threshold of the next pseudo-reforms directed against the people.. when will it stop?”, & #8211; emphasizes Alina Bogdanova.

& #8220;How naive. Is the majority of the people in our country for raising pensions and taxes ”, & #8211; Vasily Semenov is surprised.

“I don’t know who was interviewed there, but I personally don’t support this ”, & #8211; says Blade 1.

& #8220;Nonsense. Who are these & #8220;most of the Russians & #8221; and who fits the category of & #8220;poor & #8221;???? I have a PO of 30 thousand. Am I the first or the second???”, & #8211; interested in Dmitry Popov.

& #8220;Which Russians are willing to pay HIGHER taxes to the poor? What nonsense is this?! Take taxes from your Rotenbergs and their companies, sell the palaces and give them to the poor!”, & #8211; advises Malyuta Skuratov.

Earlier, topNews wrote that Russia may introduce a tax on advertising of foreign social networks from Russian bloggers.

It is expected that the payments can bring billions of rubles to the budget.


Billionaire Lisin reacted with an anecdote to the accusations of metallurgists in “slapping” the state

 Billionaire Lisin reacted with an anecdote to the accusations of metallurgists in

The head of NLMK made fun of the officials.

One of the richest people in Russia, an entrepreneur and the main owner of the Novolipetsk Steel Plant, Vladimir Lisin, told an anecdote about the statements of Deputy Prime Minister Andrey Belousov about claims against metallurgists who had “slapped” the state for 100 billion rubles.

As the entrepreneur is quoted by RBC, the people’s joke is about the parade on Red Square.

At a certain point, the announcer said that now“on the cobblestones go… & #8221; and on the square in complete silence appeared people in gray official suits.

The president asked who it was, to which he received an unexpected response from the attendant.

“This is a weapon of terrible destructive power, we got it from the Soviet Union. These are former employees of Gosplan, ” Lisin said ironically.

Commenting on the words of Belousov, he advised not to repair the country’s economy, it is already working as usual.

Speaking about the “native” metallurgical industry, the head of NLMK noted that the amount of taxes paid to the income of the Russian Federation amounted to the same 100 billion rubles.

Earlier, as Topnews wrote, Belousov accused the metallurgists that they “slammed” the state for 100 billion, appropriating the profit received from the successful alignment of the market during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Kremlin responded to his statement, urging not to look for the culprits, describing what is happening as “economic life”.

So, according to the Kremlin speaker Dmitry Peskov, the state is considering the issue of obtaining additional income from the industry.

It should be noted that according to media reports, as a result of the scandal, billionaires Potanin and Mordashov lost $1.2 billion in a day.


“You’re spitting on us. And we hate you”: the speech of the founder of the cafe “Anderson” at the SPIEF about the real troubles of the business shocked the Network

 & ldquo;You spit on us. And we hate you”: the speech of the founder of the cafe & laquo;Anderson & raquo; at the SPIEF about the real troubles of the business shook the Network

Anastasia Tatulova said that the business has “evaporated”, that it is being developed.

Anastasia Tatulova, the founder and co-owner of the family cafes “AnderSon”, public business ombudsman, speaking at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, said that there is no understanding between the authorities and business, because the latter does not get what it really needs.

As Tatulova explained, there is a gap in the understanding of what business needs, between small and medium-sized entrepreneurs and the state bodies that supervise them.

According to her, listening to other participants, she singled out a quote from the government officials who spoke at the SPIEF, which she would like to discuss.

It was said that the main request of the business is the simplicity and availability of support measures.

“I will disappoint you. The main demand of entrepreneurs is profitability and security, the last thing they need is forums, ” she said.

At the same time, addressing the speaker of the forum, the commissioner for the rights of entrepreneurs under the President of the Russian Federation, Boris Titov, she asked: “I’m going to say too much, Boris Yuryevich, will you get me out of jail later?””.

Tatulova pointed to the fact that the authorities do not have an expert team that understands the problems of small and medium-sized businesses, and the existing expert councils often go to cross out businessmen from the lists if they say “inconvenient” things.

According to her, “everything will go well for you” only if the curators from the government can listen to the second side and work with “inconvenient” things.

In her opinion, the business development strategies that are currently in effect in Russia do not include the main business needs. Namely, there is no “safety” and “efficiency”.

“Everything is there: digitalization, acceleration, generation, sandbox. Only these two words are not there, ” – says the owner of chain coffee shops.

As stated by Tatulova, usually“body movement & #8221; of the state in the address of entrepreneurs ends with the fact that the work becomes more complicated, and conscientious businessmen go into the shadows.

“Tax payments, duties and fines are increasing, the reduction of contributions is only on paper ”, & #8211; she reproached the authorities.

Tatulova added that with such a policy, a business can either become “gray” and not be touched, or become white and pay taxes, and then everyone who is not lazy will come to it.

Meanwhile, the social institutions that are created for the development of business have huge resources.

“Abolish them — give them money”, – urged the businesswoman.

The entrepreneur added that it would be better to fix the rules for ten years, and not allow banks to interfere in the affairs of entrepreneurs and block accounts.

The owner of“AnderSon ” spoke about“amazement ”, which is experienced by small and medium-sized businesses, watching“help & #8221;, which is provided to them. She suggested spending this budget money on something useful, for example, on the construction of a new “Sirius & #8221;.

We don’t need institutions that develop us. We have lost something, that we are developing”, – said Tatulova on the forum.

According to her, a person who has never been in business can’t teach her anything.

“ We have a total crisis of trust between the government and business: you spit on us, and we hate you. This is bad for everyone ”, & #8211; Tatulova quoted the words of one of the entrepreneurs who left her a comment on the social network.

The video of Tatulova’s performance at the SPIEF in less than a day has gained more than 250 thousand views on YouTube, almost 20 thousand likes and hundreds of enthusiastic comments.

Internet users admired the courage of the entrepreneur and now seriously fear for her fate.

Many people admit that Tatulova expressed aloud what all representatives of small and medium-sized businesses say on the sidelines, but they are afraid to voice it publicly.

SMI2 news

& # 8220;My God, what do I hear. What are the correct words”, “On this forum you can end. Other speakers do not need”, & #8220;This forum is a feast among the plague for officials. “The Mafia is immortal. Tatulova is right”, & #8220;Speech is good, but useless in our reality. It has long been clear to everyone that all the rules created are not for entrepreneurs and not for the people.And it is necessary not to ask, but to demand!& #8221;, & #8220;It’s just a bomb! At this moment in time, to say everything as it is, and not to squeeze out refined propaganda stamps for the sake of the Kremlin! It’s worth a lot and means a lot! Thank you, Anastasia!”, & #8220;Anyone who wants their business & # 8211; must-see & #8221;, & #8211; write users in the comments.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that the day before, the founder of“AnderSon & #8221; complained that 960,000 rubles were demanded from her for her performance at the SPIEF. She asked me to cross out her picture and sign it with the word “Beggar”.

The Kremlin responded that the forum is a platform for business, and its conditions are determined by the entrepreneurs themselves.

According to Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov, this event is an economic one, and business takes an active part in it.


In Latvia, which remained without Russian transit, they called for an urgent bow to the Russian Federation

 In Latvia, which remained without Russian transit, they called for an urgent bow to the Russian Federation

The Baltic States faced the refusal of the Russian Federation to use local ports.

The Baltic states are watching with alarm as the Russian and Belarusian authorities refuse to use the services of local ports. As a result, the ports face nationalization, according to media reports,

The political attacks of the leaders of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia against the Kremlin have led to a change in the routes that Russian exports follow abroad. Instead of the Baltic ports, ships go West via Ust-Luga, Vysotsk and Vyborg.

Meanwhile, it is known that it was the geographical location and ports that pulled the three countries out of the status of the “back streets of Europe” a hundred years ago, and now they are rapidly losing their positions again.

So, for Latvia and Estonia, ports were the most important sector of the economy, which is now plunged into a deep crisis.

The volume of cargo transported through the Baltic ports is rapidly decreasing, and the cargo flow has decreased by a third over the year, Baltnews clarifies.

Due to the reduction of cargo in all positions, the budget is rapidly emptying.

The downward trend has already become irreversible, and in the near future, the Baltic ports may look like a trailer for an American film from the dystopian genre, writes the publication.

Analysts say that the number of container, bulk, mineral and liquid cargo, and wood is falling, and the changes are irreversible.  Due to Russia’s refusal, the Baltic ports are emptying, the media reports.

Belarus behaves in a similar way. Minsk has decided to reorient cargo to Russia, and has already started to run trains with goods through Ust-Luga in 2021.

After the events with the blogger Roman Protasevich, Vilnius and Minsk could not agree, and the trend continues.

This situation concerns not only ordinary Balts, but also former Latvian officials. Not all of them support the policy of the authorities.

According to the ex-Minister of Transport of Latvia, transport expert Andries Matisse, urgent changes are needed in relations with the Russian Federation.

“We will not be able to develop transit if we maintain bad relations with our neighbors,” Baltnews quotes him as saying.

The expert believes that Latvia should take into account its own economic interests, and not send them hostage to relations with neighboring countries.

According to Matisse, Latvia has no other choice but to pursue a pragmatic course and build constructive relations with its neighbors, otherwise the transit sector will not be saved.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that the Belarusian authorities have opened criminal cases against the Mayor of Riga and the head of the Latvian Foreign Ministry.


Matvienko called Roman Abramovich ” a hero of our time”

 Matvienko called Roman Abramovich a

The Chairman of the Federation Council and the oligarch together visited the island of New Holland as part of the SPIEF.

The head of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko visited the island of New Holland in St. Petersburg in the company of businessman Roman Abramovich.

The event was held as part of the work of the society “Knowledge” at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

During her speech to schoolchildren, Matvienko called businessman Roman Abramovich a hero of our time.

At the event, Valentina Matvienko held a meeting with students who participated in the project “Big Change”.

She told the students about the great contribution that the entrepreneur made to the implementation of the project & #8220;New Holland”.

The speaker of the Federation Council recalled that about 15 years ago the island was devastated, and now this place is very popular with the citizens.

Matvienko noted that 10 years after the project was opened, it was visited by 11 million people.

At the meeting, the speaker of the Federation Council thanked the merchant for his work on the restoration of the island, calling Abramovich a hero of our time.

& # 8220;Roman Arkadyevich, you left for nothing, please, here is the hero of our time…”, – quotes Matvienko Mash.

Earlier, topNews wrote that the speech of the founder of the cafe “AnderSon” at the SPIEF about the real troubles of the business shook the Network

The Forum takes place in St. Petersburg from 2 to 5 June 2021.


Milonov suggested a way to make the United States the most impoverished country

 Milonov suggested a way to make the US the most impoverished country

Against this background, it became known that Russia intends to completely abandon the dollar in the NWF within a month,

State Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov voiced an effective, in his opinion, way to make the United States the most impoverished country in the world.

The lawmaker is sure that for this purpose it is necessary to completely abandon the dollar, and it is better for Russia to do this as soon as possible, since in this case Moscow will no longer depend on this currency.

Milonov stressed that if such an example is followed by Russian economic allies, then a flurry of refusals from the dollar around the world will begin.

The MP considers the US dollar the most unsecured currency in the world, and with the loss of the status of a means of international payment, the US will quickly slide to the most impoverished country in the world.

Earlier, Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said on the sidelines of the SPIEF that within a month Russia will completely abandon the US dollar in the structure of the National Welfare Fund.

In addition, the share of the British pound will be reduced. At the same time, the share of the euro and the yuan will grow in the fund, gold will be introduced, and the share of the Japanese yen will remain at the same level.

He said that now about 35% of investments in the NWF are dollars, but now it has been decided to replace this currency by increasing investments in euros and in gold.

& #8220;Quite quickly, within a month to come to this share & #8221;, & #8211; quotes the Minister of Finance TASS.

According to the first Deputy Prime Minister of the country Andrey Belousov, the decision to withdraw the dollar from the NWF was provoked by the threat of anti-Russian sanctions from the United States.

Earlier, topNews wrote that Milonov noted a proposal to deprive pension collectors of pensions.

The State Duma commented on the resonant statement of the parliamentarian.


The absence of the head of Uralchem Mazepin at the SPIEF session was linked to the interview with Protasevich

 The absence of the head of Uralchem Mazepin at the SPIEF session was linked to the interview with Protasevich

The oppositionist spoke about the support of the “oligarch from the Urals”.

The media drew attention to the sudden disappearance of Dmitry Mazepin, the head of Uralchem, from the session of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

The refusal of the businessman to speak at the discussion on June 4 was linked to the statement of Roman Protasevich, an oppositionist detained in Minsk.

The day before, the editor-in-chief of the Telegram channel NEXTA in a detailed interview spoke about large receipts from abroad – “several thousand euros”, which went to support the work of the channel.

According to Protasevich, recently they have one sponsor – “an oligarch from the Urals”.

The media suggested that Protasevich could talk about Uralchem.

Mazepin in August 2020 already made statements supporting the Belarusian opposition after the presidential election. The Russian businessman proposed to open a Committee of national salvation.

After the revelations of Protasevich, Mazepin suddenly withdrew from the discussion “Food multiplied by technology”. A few minutes before the start, the sign with his name was removed from the table.

Dmitry Konyaev, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Uralchem, took the place.

In an interview with “Rise”, representatives of Mazepin said that the oligarch should be expected at the plenary session on Friday with the participation of Vladimir Putin.

“Mazepin still came, but flew like a bullet, so as not to answer questions from journalists, “wrote later in the Telegram channel “BY THE WAY”.

As Topnews wrote earlier, Ksenia Sobchak revealed all the secrets of the SPIEF 2021 night parties, saying that Google had the best event.

The search engine gathered everyone in the memorial apartment of Joseph Brodsky, Manizha, Boris Grebenshchikov, etc. participated in the party.


Russian prisoners were sent to construction sites in Moscow and the Moscow region

 Russian prisoners were sent to construction sites in Moscow and the Moscow region

Fifteen hundred people are already working on the capital’s construction sites.

An experiment on the participation of prisoners in the construction of large facilities has been launched in Moscow and the Moscow Region.

Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin, who spoke about the experiment, said that it was quite successful.

In an interview with RBC, Khusnullin said that fifteen hundred people were sent to the construction sites. In the future, the prisoners may be involved in the construction of the Eastern polygon of the Russian Railways.

It is known that prisoners from Russian colonies are attracted to work on construction sites on a voluntary basis.

“I believe that it will be a plus for them that they will be in conditions not of imprisonment, but of work,” Khusnullin said.

The Deputy Prime Minister confirmed that the prisoners will be paid salaries.

Earlier, the Federal Penitentiary Service counted the number of convicts who are allowed to serve their sentences in forced labor. This is 188 thousand people (in total, almost half a million people were convicted in Russia).

The prisoners were planned to be sent to facilities that lost their labor force due to the lack of migrants in the conditions of the pandemic.

As Topnews wrote earlier, the Federal Penitentiary Service had to justify the high salaries of Russian prisoners.

According to the statistics of the department, in the Belgorod region there are convicts who receive 224 thousand rubles a month.


Putin raised the price of Gazprom shares with just one phrase at SPIEF

 Putin raised the price of Gazprom's shares in just one phrase at the SPIEF

The media called the key points of the Russian leader’s speech at the SPIEF.

Data from the Moscow Stock Exchange show that the mention in the speech of Russian President Vladimir Putin of the completion of the first line of the Nord Stream-2 made Gazprom’s shares rise by 1% to 273.79 rubles per share.

The Russian leader took part in the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum on Friday, June 4.

Recall that in his speech, Putin said that linear work has been completed on the construction of the gas pipeline, including on the offshore section of the Nord Stream 2.

As he noted, it remains “ to lift and weld” pipes from the Russian side, from the German & # 8220;pipe came”.

Among the key topics, Vladimir Putin named a new form of support that Russian business will receive.

So, this year a new scheme for lending to small and medium-sized businesses will start working.

According to him, it is planned to launch an “umbrella” provision of guarantees. They will be issued by the “SME Corporation”, which will take on some of the risks of entrepreneurs, and the loan will become more affordable than before, the head of state said.

In turn, businessmen will be able to carve out additional resources for development. As the president explained, this fund will amount to about 600 billion rubles until 2024.

A number of other big topics were also voiced. Thus, the president stressed that the organization of vaccination of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation on paid terms is currently being discussed, and the government will make a proposal in June.

According to the head of state, the Russian medicine is recognized as the safest and most effective with minimal side effects.

The Head of State also raised the issue of mortgages. According to him, concessional lending to housing can be extended until July 1 next year, plans to increase the annual rate from 6.5% to 7%. The limit will be 3 million rubles.

As for lending to families, if a child is born after January 1, 2018, they will be among the recipients of a preferential mortgage.

Companies operating in the field of public catering with an annual revenue of no more than 2 billion per year will be exempt from VAT. The President also mentioned that the commission in the Fast Payment System will be reset for small and medium-sized businesses.

According to Vladimir Putin, in the next 2, 5 years, the volume of actual investments in the regions should be at least 500 billion rubles. He also pointed out that the authorities managed to avoid a disaster by saving millions of jobs and avoiding a sharp drop in income.

He also touched on the problem of climate change, calling” nonsense, myth and outright distortion ” the opinion that they do not concern the Russian Federation.

On behalf of the president, the government must submit a plan to reduce emissions, lower than in the EU, by October 1.

Earlier, Topnews reported that the president intends to announce the new economic policy of Russia at the forum. This was stated to the media by the Kremlin’s speaker Dmitry Peskov.