Media: the pressure in the “Northern Streams” could fall due to sabotage – the pipes could blow up at the bottom

Media: pressure in the

Peskov voiced the Kremlin’s comment about the emergency at SP-2.

The media suggested that the reason for the pressure drop in both gas pipelines of the Nord Stream system could be sabotage.

According to the German publication Tagesspiegel, citing the words of an insider in the German representative office of the project, an investigation is already underway, joined by the federal security agencies of the country.

The authors report that “everything testifies against” the fact that two emergencies in a row are just a coincidence. The source said that it is impossible to imagine a scenario in which what happened cannot be a targeted attack.

Recall that the incident on “SP-2” became known from media reports. The emergency happened on Danish territory, near Bornholm on September 26.

The pressure in the gas pipeline dropped sharply, and after a while the same thing happened on “SP-1”. Since September 2, as Gazprom reported, due to the breakdown of the compressor station Portovaya, gas has not been pumping here, Kommersant reports.

The Danish Maritime Administration declared a dangerous zone for navigation and introduced a restrictive perimeter of 5 miles.

Local authorities, according to the source, believe that there was a sabotage that was carried out by special forces divers or from a submarine. There are two versions of the attack.

The first – responsibility should be borne by Ukrainian or Kiev-related forces, the second – sabotage was committed by the Russian Federation, but under the cover of a foreign flag.

According to RIA Novosti, Nord Stream AG assessed the emergency on the Nord Stream and the Nord Stream-2 as an unprecedented situation.

According to the text of the appeal, the destruction that occurred on three lines of gas pipelines at once is such that it is unclear when the infrastructure will be restored to working capacity.

Speaking of leaks, Western media mention one in Denmark and two in Swedish territory, while they all turn out to be close to each other.

The Kremlin also reacted to the emergency. According to the official representative of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov, the detected violations require immediate investigation, and cause concern to the presidential administration.

Peskov admitted that the pressure had dropped significantly.

“We are extremely concerned about this news”, – the media quotes him.

The Kremlin speaker also stated that the nature of some destruction in the pipe is still unknown.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that “Nord Stream” has been suspended by Russia indefinitely.


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