In Europe, they called for abandoning refrigerators to fight Putin

Europe urged to abandon refrigerators to fight Putin

Bloomberg reported that dependence on Russian supplies can be reduced in this way.

The author of the international edition of Bloomberg Javier Blas believes that Europeans in the fight against Russian President Vladimir Putin should update their household appliances.

According to him, the products consume a lot of energy, and can be considered “friends” of the Russian leader, increasing the continent’s dependence on Russian fuel supplies.

In an article for Bloomberg, Blas clarifies that electricity in Europe is obtained by burning gas, and it will be needed in winter when housing needs to be heated. With a reduction in electricity costs, it is possible to cope with the gas shortage.

The new equipment, the author believes, is more environmentally friendly, so its purchase will not only support manufacturers and factory employees, but also reduce fuel consumption.

The state, he believes, should help citizens in this, because this will reduce the size of a serious problem. And this, in any case, will be cheaper than subsidizing electricity consumption.

Bias cited Greece as an example, which offers compensation of 30-50% of the price of new air conditioners.

The same thing, that is, Saudi Arabia has made a bet on high-quality and efficient new devices. All this helps to save money.

The Kremlin responded to the energy saving plan with irony. According to Kremlin speaker Dmitry Peskov, old household appliances are not a friend of Vladimir Putin, they are friends with Americans.

“Because more expensive American liquefied gas is being supplied now than Russian pipe gas,” he explained his answer.

According to Peskov, the same “friend ” technique is for the heads of European states who preferred to buy cheap and predictable Russian gas supplies.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that the collapse of the industry was predicted in Germany due to the rejection of Russian oil and gas.


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