Experts warned Russians about possible problems of salary cards

Experts warned Russians about possible problems with salary cards

They made a forecast about what could happen during the crisis.

Experts warn Russians that in the event of a crisis, they may lose funds from salary cards.

As reported by IA DEITA.EN, according to experts, the crisis will force Russians to go to ATMs to cash out money.

It is known that many salary cards are linked to credit organizations that are not the largest and do not have a large ATM network.

A massive influx of customers who want to withdraw cash will lead to the fact that paper money in them will quickly run out, which is why they will go to ATMs of large banks, even if they have to pay a rather large commission for the cash withdrawn.

According to the publication, in April – July 2020, the number of cash that Russians withdrew from their cards became a record. And this may happen again due to the high level of inflation.

Recall that seven years ago, wage slavery, when citizens did not have the opportunity to independently choose a bank to receive a salary, was abolished.

And two years ago, the Central Bank reported that it received complaints from citizens who faced obstacles when trying to change the salary bank. These were what they called high commissions for transfers.

The media clarifies that in the fall of 2020, in 76.7% of cases, salaries in the Russian Federation were carried out without commission.

As Topnews wrote earlier, it recently became known about the Central Bank’s intention to check card transfers of Russians.


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