Die Zeit: Germany will face a shortage of toilet paper due to Russian gas

Die Zeit: Germany will face a shortage of toilet paper due to Russian gas

Some of the country’s enterprises have decided to reduce production.

According to German media, the shortage of gas from Russia may turn into a problem for the German paper industry.

In particular, the production of toilet paper, as well as packaging for medicines and other products may fall under the reduction.

Die Zeit writes about this with reference to the head of the Bavarian Association of Paper Manufacturers, Jurgen Schaller.

He noted that many goods can become scarce in unstable conditions, and the production of paper products is quite expensive in terms of fuel, namely gas, since paper drying requires a lot of resources.

“Paper production requires water, electricity, heat and personnel. The technology is honed, it cannot be changed quickly”, – the specialist noted.

Due to the fact that there is instability and rising prices in the energy markets, part of the production in Germany is forced to reduce or stop work.

In particular, 16% of enterprises have already announced a decrease in production volumes.

Recall that Europe is experiencing an energy crisis due to the actions of Gazprom.

The Russian company has reduced gas pumping to the region in recent months due to problems with the gas turbine.

Also, since July 27, 2022, the volume of supplies via the Nord Stream to Europe has been reduced.

Earlier, topNews wrote that it became known when Finland will stop supplying gas from Russia.

This decision followed on the background of record sales figures.

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