In the US, they said that it could “guaranteed” destroy the Nord Stream-2

In the USA they said that it can “guaranteed” destroy “Nord Stream-2”

A Bloomberg columnist told what could lead to a stop of gas transit through the pipeline.

In the USA, they told in which case the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline is threatened with destruction.

Columnist Leonid Bershidsky writes about this in a Bloomberg article.

According to him, the transit of fuel through the pipeline will be stopped if Russia fully invades the territory of Ukraine.

As a result, according to the publicist, the project will be completely stopped.

“”Nord Stream-2″ will certainly be destroyed if Russia undertakes a full-scale offensive against Ukraine”, – the journalist noted.

He suggested that Russia’s smaller operation is capable of shifting the date of the start of gas transit, and Washington will certainly use this to win rem to get arguments in favor of stopping the gas pipeline.

At the same time, Bershidsky believes that today the United States has almost lost the battle with the Russian gas pipeline, and Moscow plans to unleash a war because of its interest in economic cooperation with the EU.

Earlier, topNews wrote that, according to media reports, Germany may close Nord Stream-2 forever.

Journalists noted that this could happen on May 9.


The billionaire gave advice to Russians how to survive in retirement

Billionaire gave advice to Russians how to survive in retirement

The businessman named a way in which Russian pensioners can secure a decent old age.

Russian billionaire Alexander Sharapov told how to survive in retirement in our country.

According to the businessman, you can ensure your life in old age by buying a so-called pension one-bedroom apartment.

In an interview he said that otherwise it is difficult to save for retirement in Russia, and payments to this category are now small.

Explaining his position on “pension odnushka ”, he noted that such an apartment is easy to rent.

“Because either my children or my friends and acquaintances rented such housing ”, – the merchant is sure.

He called buying an apartment to rent it out a popular tool, for example, in China, India, Brazil.

In these countries, according to the entrepreneur, stock markets and life insurance are poorly developed.

Sharapov noted that housing prices will continue to rise in Russia, and the ruble will become cheaper, while real estate is able to protect against inflation due to growth ahead of schedule in the long term.

“I don’t expect any pullback in prices [for real estate] in Russia, ”, – said the billionaire.

Earlier, topNews wrote that the deputy of the Moscow City Duma said that pensioners need to ask for help from children.

Scandalous words were noted by Natalia Metlina.


Mass media: Belarus blocked Poland’s oil

Mass media: Belarus blocked Poland's oil

Minsk explained the stoppage of fuel pumping through Druzhba by an accident on an oil pipeline.

The official representative of Transneft, Igor Demin, told the media that the Belarusian Gomeltransneft, which acts as the operator of pumping oil to Poland via the Druzhba oil pipeline, has stopped supplying fuel since November 16.

So far, only three days have been reported for which the transfer has been stopped.

According to TASS, the official reason for the suspension of fuel supply was explained by the fact that an unscheduled repair is being carried out on one of the pipeline branches.

Also, according to Demin, there were no changes in the plans for pumping for a month.

It is known that according to GP “Druzhba ” oil is supplied to oil refineries in Belarus, from where fuel is supplied to Europe.

The friendship begins in the Samara region of Russia, then it passes to the Bryansk region and then, along different branches, goes to Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania and Latvia.

Recall that “planned repairs” began against the background of the political crisis in relations between Poland and Belarus, which was caused by the migrant crisis on the border of the two states.

Thus, according to Warsaw, there are 12,000 – 15 00 refugees from Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries of the Middle East on the territory of the neighboring country.

According to media reports, about 4,000 people gathered at the border itself.

As Topnews wrote earlier, the President of Belarus has already warned that Europe could block the Yamal gas pipeline if the European Union decides to introduce new restrictive measures against his country.

Commenting on Lukashenka’s intentions, Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed hope that it would not come to that and promised to talk with his Belarusian counterpart.


The government has approved a bill on the rights of men to matkapital

The government approved the bill on the rights of men to the matkapital

Kommersant described the details of the bill.

The media became aware that the commission of the Government of the Russian Federation approved a draft amendment to the law “On Maternity capital ”. The rights of Russian fathers will be expanded.

According to Kommersant, according to the authors of the document, married men who are engaged in raising children together with their wife, who became their foster mother, will receive state support.

Matkapital can be counted on by families where a man is the only father of the 2nd and next children, whose date of birth should not be earlier than January 1, 2007.

It will also be available to Russians who are the father of the first child who was born after January 1 last year, through the services of a surrogate mother.

The document also provides that if the father dies or is deprived of parental rights, his wife can receive maternity capital.

If a spouse dies, or her adoption of children is canceled, then the maternity capital goes to minor children, as well as adults who study full-time.

For the latter, the right is extended until the end of their studies, but no longer than they turn 23.

It is reported that the bill will be submitted to the State Duma for consideration in the near future.

Recall that this year the size of the maternity capital varies from 483,881 rubles for the first child (G.R. after 01.01.2020) to 639,431 for the second.

As Topnews wrote earlier, the media named three categories of Russians who may require the return of maternity capital.


Germany has suspended the certification of Nord Stream-2

Germany has suspended the certification of Nord Stream 2

The situation was commented on by the German Ministry of Energy, as well as eco-activists.

Germany has suspended the certification process of Nord Stream – 2 due to the re-registration of the organizational structure of the project.

This was reported by the German regulator BNetzA.

According to the regulator, it is planned to create a subsidiary company for the highway located in Germany. The created branch will become the owner and operator of a part of the water pipeline.

Only if the law firm changes in accordance with German law, it is possible to resume the certification process of the Nord Stream 2 operator.

If all conditions are met, the process will be resumed and will take about four months

This decision caused a sharp increase in gas prices to $ 1,029 per thousand cubic meters.

At the same time, the value of Gazprom’s shares on the Moscow Stock Exchange dropped to 331.61 rubles, which was 2% of the value of the last transaction.

Commenting on the situation, the German Ministry of Energy said that the suspension of certification will not affect the energy security of Germany.

As explained by Susanna Ungrad (representative of the German Ministry of Energy), the case is solely about the rights of economic entities. And the process, according to her, will be resumed immediately after the provision of all necessary documents from Gazprom.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that on May 9, Germany could close Nord Stream 2 forever.


Gas prices have soared again in Europe

Gas prices have skyrocketed in Europe again

In Germany, they stopped the certification of Nord Stream-, calling Russia conditions.

The media reports that today, for the first time since October 27, the price of gas in Europe, which was fixed at the ICE exchange auction, rose by more than $ 1,000 per 1,000 cubic meters.

According to analysts, the reason for such a jump in prices for blue fuel may be a decline in nominations for the supply of fuel to Europe from Norway, which decreased immediately by 10% per day. If it was previously assumed that it would be 345.7 million cubic meters, now we are talking about 310.9 million cubic meters, the Gassco service reports.

The growth was also influenced by Gazprom’s decision to refuse to book additional natural gas capacities that could be delivered to Poland via Ukraine.

Judging by the results of the auction on the eve, the GTS of Ukraine offered to become an operator for the supply of 9.8 million cubic meters per day in December, which would be supplied through the Sudzha station and 5.2 million through Sokhranovka, but the operator’s offer turned out to be unclaimed.

As a result, according to the results of the fuel pumping auction, the growth of a cubic meter of gas in Europe exceeded $960 per 1,000.

At the same time, it became known that the German side decided to suspend the certification of Nord Stream-2.

According to Bloomberg, the FSA (Federal Network Agency) Germany announced that Nord Stream 2 AG will receive a certificate only after the reorganization of the operator, which must comply with German laws.

In particular, the operator is proposed to create a subsidiary in Germany, which would be in charge of the German part of the highway.

Recall that the headquarters of Nord Stream 2 AG is located in Zug, Switzerland. The procedure for issuing the document will continue when the main assets and employees will move to a new, German, “ daughter ”, the regulator explained.

On the eve of the German regulator said that Naftogaz and the Operator of the GTS of Ukraine were allowed to certify the Russian-German gas pipeline.

As Topnews wrote earlier, American President Joe Biden issued a decree that allows sanctions to be imposed against SP-2, as well as other Russian energy projects.


The Ural authorities are ready to consider a ban on the sale of alcohol without QR codes

Ural authorities are ready to consider a ban on the sale of alcohol without QR codes

The initiative was taken by a local restaurateur.

Ural restaurateur Evgeny Uryupin made a proposal to introduce a QR-code system for the purchase of alcohol in the Sverdlovsk region. The restaurant owner is outraged by coronavirus restrictions in establishments and their absence in stores.

On his Instagram page, Uryupin suggested that such a measure would be much more effective than codes in catering.

After that, the Sverdlovsk authorities spoke. Operstab is ready to consider such an initiative, the authorities noted that they are monitoring any changes in the market and are ready to discuss such a step with representatives of the business community.

The entrepreneurs themselves were shocked by such an initiative.

According to the portal grocery store owners are confident that vaccination certificates in alcohol supermarkets will complicate life and create a queue.

Some businessmen were tougher in their assessment: Uryupin simply “gave a pig to his colleagues.”

Many are sure that not only large supermarkets will suffer, but also small points. Such proposals were associated with the desire of the restaurateur to oblige citizens to get vaccinated faster.

“We still have conflicts because of masks, and you are now offering to check QR codes?”, businessmen are outraged.

At the same time, Russians will figure out how to get alcohol without a QR code – their relatives will start buying, couriers will work.

The owners of alcohol markets advised the authorities to pay attention to public transport, where all the rules are most often violated.

As Topnews wrote earlier, insiders report that in Russia in 2022, QR codes may be introduced to enter public transport, shops and cafes.

Also, mandatory vaccination against coronavirus will be checked at the entrance to the aircraft.

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Lukashenko threatened the EU to block the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline

Lukashenko threatened the EU to block the Yamal gas pipeline

It became known in which case the gas pipeline may be blocked by the Republic of Belarus.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has threatened the European Union.

According to him, before imposing sanctions against Minsk, Brussels needs to think about how gas and cargo passing through the republic will be delivered to the Old World.

Commenting on Poland’s statements about the possible closure of borders, Lukashenko wondered what would happen when the border was closed through Belarus.

At the same time, he noted that Ukraine is also inaccessible for transit due to the closed border with Russia, and there are no roads through the Baltic countries.

“I just listened to these scoundrels who are generally headless”, – said Lukashenko.

He noted that he could close the border for Poland and Germany, since the Belarusian authorities do not intend to stop at anything in protecting their sovereignty.

Alexander Lukashenko reminded about the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline passing through Belarus with increased volumes of supplies.

“We are heating Europe, they are still threatening us that they will close the border”, – he was indignant.

Lukashenko wondered what would happen if Belarus blocked natural gas going to the European Union.

According to him, if additional sanctions are imposed, the republic will respond in the toughest way.

As topNews wrote, these days Belarus is going through a big migration crisis. The country was flooded with refugees from the Middle East.

Families with children and, as a rule, without money, have accumulated massively in the cities of the country, as well as on the Polish-Belarusian border.

Migrants hope to get to the EU countries and get asylum there.

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Bloomberg: EU discusses sanctions against Aeroflot due to the migration crisis on the border of Belarus and the EU

Bloomberg: EU discusses sanctions against Aeroflot due to the migration crisis on the border of Belarus and the EU

Bloomberg and The Times report on the aggravation of European-Belarusian relations.

The European Union proposes to impose sanctions against air carriers as part of measures against Belarus against the background of the migration crisis that broke out on the Belarusian-Polish border.

We are talking about a package of restrictive measures that will be introduced to Aeroflot and Turkish Airlines.

This is reported by Bloomberg, which received data from an unnamed official from the European Union.

Similar information was previously announced by Reuters, which reported on the preparation of EU sanctions measures against 30 individuals and legal entities, which included the Belarusian airline Belavia and an official whom the EU blames for organizing the arrival of Middle Eastern refugees to the Belarusian border with a number of European states.

Bloomberg clarifies that they want to apply sanctions to those carriers that rent planes carrying migrants. The time for the introduction of measures may already be the beginning of December.

As Topnews wrote, the crisis on the border of the Republic of Belarus and the EU countries began in the spring, but entered a new phase on November 8, when refugees from Iraq, Afghanistan and a number of other countries tried to break through the Polish border, chanting: “Germany!”.

The migrant camp is located on the Belarusian side. Poland has pulled the armed forces and police to the border, and Lithuania has introduced an emergency regime in the country.

At the moment, there are about 400,000 refugees at the Belarusian-Polish border.

According to the British edition of The Times, Germany and Poland see a Russian trace in this crisis, stating that Putin does not intend to interfere in Lukashenka’s actions, because it is more profitable for him to ignore the antics of Minsk.

According to analyst Mark Bennetts, the Russian leader does not need to arrange such provocations himself, it is easier to let the situation take its course and not interfere with Lukashenka and his adventures.

The expert calls the Belarusian leader a cruel dictator, who defeated the people’s project and declares that he is capable of sowing chaos without resorting to the help of Moscow.

Bennetts points out that Lukashenka needs Russian loans, but he is not a Kremlin puppet.

In favor of the latter, the analyst cites the non-recognition of the Russian Crimea, the ban on the Russian military airbase in Belarus, sanctions against Putin’s favorite publication” – “ KP”.

Bennetts reminded readers that Minsk is only fulfilling the voiced threats to flood Europe with refugees in response to the sanctions over the Ryanair liner that the EU imposed in May.

“It is much easier for Putin to squeeze the maximum out of the chaos on the EU border, counting on disagreements among Western countries,” the expert believes.

Recall that Warsaw is considering the option of completely closing the borders with Belarus.


Kiev unexpectedly turned to Donbass for help

Kiev unexpectedly turned to Donbass for help

The Ukrainian authorities are talking about a shortage of technical fuel and thermal power plants that are not operating at full capacity.

The Kiev economic subgroup on Donbass appealed to the Lugansk authorities, asking for help with the supply of coal and electricity on a commercial basis.

According to RIA Novosti with reference to the words of the press secretary of the LNR Maria Kovshar, the appeal from Kiev was received the day before.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the LPR clarified that the self-proclaimed republic was ready to go to the meeting, considering this fact as a step towards restoring socio-economic ties, but in response Kiev preferred to remain silent.

Recall that since November 1, Russian supplies of thermal coal to Ukraine for thermal power plants have been stopped, which is necessary against the background of growing domestic needs of the country.

The remaining types of coal continue to be supplied, as previously agreed.

In turn, the deputy of the Rada from the “European Solidarity” Alexey Goncharenko said yesterday that the coal reserves of Ukrainian thermal power plants are estimated at 447,900 tons, which is 310,400 tons less than the guaranteed reserves.

As a result, 62 TPP power units cannot work.

The company “Ukrenergo” reported that the increase in electricity consumption in the country occurred against the background of low temperatures in the last days of October.

As a result, production at the thermal power plant increased, which required Kiev to additionally replenish stocks. Emergency assistance was requested by the authorities from Slovakia and Belarus.

As Topnews reported earlier, at the end of September Gazprom signed a contract for gas supplies to Hungary for 15 years, greatly angering Ukraine.