Canada’s decision on the “Nord Stream-2” brought Ukraine to hysteria

Canada's decision on the

Canada has decided to send a turbine for the gas pipeline.

Canada has decided to send a turbine for the Nord Stream after July 14, 2022. Kommersant writes about this with reference to informed sources.

Now the unit is being tested in Montreal, in the repair shop of a British company (ITCL), owned by Siemens Energy.

Journalists believe that the unit consisting of the compressor and the gas turbine, the first will be sent a sea way to Germany, and then will be delivered to Russia.

Transportation may take approximately two weeks. The turbine will arrive in Russia with the completion of technical work on the gas pipeline, scheduled from July 11 to 21. At the same time, it will take several days to install the unit.

Thanks to the return of the turbine, gas pumping through the pipeline will increase by about 20%.

However, the head of the GTS of Ukraine, Sergey Makogon, negatively assessed Ottawa’s decision to return the turbine.

He believes that pressure was exerted on Canada, so the appropriate decision was made.

Nevertheless, he considers the logic of the West understandable on the eve of the winter season.

Recall that in mid-June, Gazprom announced technical problems with the gas pipeline, noting that Siemens GPAs are under repair in Canada, and they cannot be delivered to Russia due to sanctions.

The other day it became known about Canada’s decision to return the turbine.

Earlier, topNews wrote that in Germany they wanted to nationalize part of the Nord Stream 2.

Two similar installations were chartered for this purpose.


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