Bloomberg: Germany has three months left before the disaster

Bloomberg: Germany has three months left before the catastrophe

The German government can’t do anything yet.

Bloomberg analysts have come to the conclusion that Germany is on the verge of a gas disaster, which will come in about three months in the country. The reason – in gas storages there is insufficient accumulation of gas for the winter heating season.

It follows from the material of the article that Berlin has a small amount of time left to replenish or correct the situation with a serious lack of energy.

Moreover, the administration of German Chancellor Olof Scholz is not in a hurry to deal with this problem. They only call for reducing the demand for gas, as there are no agreements on alternative energy supplies yet.

As a result, lighting cuts are carried out in German cities, hot water is turned off, Bloomberg observers drew attention.

The authors also noted that Germany’s closest partner in Europe, represented by France, will also not be able to help, since the country’s nuclear reactors are faulty, and their use can only aggravate an already deplorable situation.

But for Germany, the restrictions imposed and a sharp rise in prices against the background of a lack of energy will eventually lead to unrest in society. According to statistics, every German has slipped into energy poverty.

This undoubtedly worries the German government, but politicians can’t do anything yet.

Moreover, in the absence of an effective solution, Berlin will have to impose a state of emergency on the country, which will entail control over the distribution of fuel, and there will also be a struggle for limited LNG reserves, Bloomberg states.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that Germany will face a shortage of toilet paper due to Russian gas.


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