“At home is more reliable”: Putin called on the SPIEF–2022 to abandon business inspections forever

“At home –more reliable”: Putin called on the SPIEF-2022 to abandon business inspections forever

The Russian President gave an assessment of the current situation in world politics and the economy, saying that the United States has declared itself God’s messengers on Earth.

Russian President Vladimir Putin took part in SPIEF-2022.

During his speech, he, in particular, criticized the West and anti-Russian sanctions.

At the same time, he said that the Russian Federation has nothing to do with the energy crisis in Europe.

In his opinion, Western politicians have done things themselves and are looking for the culprits. As the reason for the difficult energy situation, Putin pointed to a failed policy in this direction.

The Head of State also criticized the speed of the introduction of anti-Russian sanctions and their volume. In his opinion, these figures are unprecedented for the world.

“The calculation [of imposing sanctions] was clear: to crush the Russian economy with a rush, ”, – Putin said, calling restrictive measures against our country insane and thoughtless.

He also noted that the United States declared itself the messengers of the Lord on Earth, having no obligations, but having interests.

He noted that the elites in the West do not want to notice the changes and live in an illusion, and the countries of the golden billion continue to consider other states as their colonies and second class.

Speaking at the SPIEF, Putin also gave recommendations to Russian business. He called on entrepreneurs, in particular, to work at home.

“Houses –are more reliable”, – he said, noting that those who thought otherwise lost a lot of money.

Vladimir Putin also proposed to permanently abandon many inspections of Russian business.

“There is every reason to take another cardinal step forward – to permanently refuse to conduct inspections of all Russian businesses whose activities are not associated with high risks of harm ”, – said the head of state.

At the same time, he called for a careful approach to the decriminalization of economic crimes.

In addition, the president said that he considers it possible to reduce the rates on preferential mortgages to 7%. He noted that the duration of the program will remain until the end of this year.

Recall that the Central Bank of the Russian Federation has reduced the rate on a preferential mortgage to 9%.

Putin’s speech at the SPIEF-2022. Video

Previously topNews wrote about that Putin’s speech at the SPIEF was postponed.

This decision was made due to a DDoS attack.

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